What is A Buff For Hiking? (All You Need To Know)

What Is a Buff For Hiking

As an amateur or professional hiker, you must always prepare fully before embarking on a hiking adventure, particularly when hiking on mountainous or hilly terrain. 

These places tend to become extremely cold over time; hence, it’s best to dress warmly. You must also cover your nose, mouth, and head. 

Therefore, some hikers often wonder if a buff can do the job perfectly. That established, what is a buff for hiking? 

A buff for hiking is a light tube of material that captures the warm air next to the skin. Thereby providing enough warmth during hiking. Furthermore, a buff is stretchy, and you can adjust it in any form. You can adjust the buff to a balaclava, lower face mask, headband, and wristband. 

Do I Need a Hiking Buff? 

What Is a Buff For Hiking

You need a hiking buff to keep you warm during your hiking adventure. A hiking buff also comes in handy when the sun is extremely hot

It protects you from the sun’s UV rays and adds to your SPF protection. Thereby reducing the chances of sunburn.

Hiking in mountainous or hilly terrains can be quite challenging. The reason is that these places tend to be rough and extremely cold.

Hence, you must prepare all the necessary tools to avoid unforeseen circumstances. 

Unfortunately, some hikers often fail to see the necessity of a hiking buff. On the other hand, some of them use a scarf instead. However, a scarf is not as powerful as buff as its uses are limited.

Notwithstanding, below are some exceptional features of a hiking buff; 

#1. Soft and Breathable:

Hiking buff is soft and breathable, making it the perfect piece of clothing for warmth during hiking. 

#2. Offers Protection From UV Rays:

A hiking buff provides approximately 95% protection from UV rays

#3. Designs and Colors:

A hiking buff comes in many unique designs and colors. You can stretch them easily to any form, like a beanie, neck scarf, or headband. 

#4. Dries Quickly:

Since a hiking buff is light in weight, it dries quickly without consuming a lot of time. 

#5. Seamless:

A hiking buff is usually constructed carefully and doesn’t have any seams. 

#6. Odorless:

This fabric is 100% neat and doesn’t harbor any foul smell. 

#7. Price:

A hiking buff is very cheap and affordable. You can get it at Walmart for $14.99 or $19.99

However, the price of the hiking buff depends on the size you want to purchase. You can also get it as cheap as $10.09

#8. Moisture Wicking:

A hiking buff can effortlessly capture moisture and sweat. 

What Do Hikers Use Buffs For? 

Hikers use buffs for different purposes, as it’s a multi-functional piece of fabric. Hikers often use buffs to protect them from UV rays. 

Furthermore, they use it to keep them warm when the weather becomes extremely cold. Most hikers turn the buff into a neck warmer. 

The reason is that it protects their neck from cold and enables them to communicate better. Other hikers turn theirs into a headband, head warmer, and wristband. 

With the buff, you don’t have to carry a lot of warm clothes/materials. Plus, it’s easy to carry around and has fewer chances of missing. Nonetheless, buffs are versatile and can be used for other purposes.

Below are some of them. 

#1. Face Mask 

Buffs serve as an excellent face mask. It provides enough warmth to your face during cold weather. 

It’s also the best alternative for a face mask during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can use it at the airport, train and bus station. 

#2. Eye Mask

Buffs are 100% microfiber making them soft and breathable. Hence, they are pretty decent and can serve as your eye mask at night. 

So, you don’t have to worry about side effects like eye irritation. 

#3. Face Cloth 

Since buffs are soft, you can use them as a face cloth to clean your face properly. You can add a face moisturizer or cleanser to the buff and use it appropriately. 

#4. Bandage 

Sometimes, you might incur blisters or injuries while hiking. So, you can use a buff as an emergency bandage if you don’t have a first aid kit in your backpack. 

#5. Mini Towel

You can easily use your buff as a substitute for your towel, especially when swimming outdoors. It dries your body easily due to its moisture-wicking ability. 

Does Buff Help Control Body Temperature?

Buff helps to control body temperature as it keeps you warm in cold weather and cool during hot weather. Buffs come in different types and sizes. 

Some exclusively regulate cold temperatures. Meanwhile, others specifically regulate hot temperatures.

On that note, there are two types of buff in stores and markets. First, you can find the UV buff, which regulates or controls hot temperatures.

On the other hand, the lightweight merino wool buff controls cold temperatures. 

Now, what are the other differences between these two? Let’s find out in the table below. 

UV Buff Light Weight Merino Wool Buff 
It controls hot temperatures.It controls cold temperatures. 
It weighs 1.4 oz.It weighs 1.7 oz.
It is seamless. It is seamless with stitches at the ends. 
It contains cool max pro fabric. It contains merino wool fabric. 

Nonetheless, some buffs control hot and cold temperatures. You can find them at affordable prices in stores like Walmart, Costco, and Amazon. 

You can always purchase buffs online if you don’t want to go down to stores or the market. You can visit a reliable shopping website and check for its availability. 

You can place your order once it’s available. Note that some websites are not trustworthy as they might trick you. 

Hence, it’s best to check the website properly before making a payment for the buff. You can also wait until the delivery person brings the buff before you make payment. 

Alternatively, you can download Walmart or Amazon apps on your Android or Apple phone to place your order directly

How Do You Maintain a Hiking Buff? 

Maintaining a hiking buff is an easy task to accomplish as it requires little to no effort. You can easily maintain your hiking buff by washing it with soap or detergent. 

You can wash it manually and use the machine to do the job. Many hikers are often afraid of using a washing machine to wash their buffs. 

However, you don’t have to worry about this as it’s 100% safe to use a washing machine for your buff.

You can easily throw it in with your laundry and rinse it with clean water. On the other hand, you must wash your buff with clean water if you want to go manual.

The reason is that your buff must be 100% hygienic as it covers your nose and mouth. 

Hence, it must not contain harmful contaminants that could adversely affect your health. Since buff is thin and lightweight, it will dry quickly. 

So, you don’t have to fret about it consuming hours for drying. It’s important to note that ironing causes damage to your buff. It might burn your buff and make it rough. 

Hence, it’s best to refrain from ironing your hiking buff. The best way to maintain it after washing and drying is to fold it and keep it in a cool and dry place. 


A hiking buff is undoubtedly an indispensable fabric that goes a long way to provide adequate warmth during cold weather. With proper maintenance and care, your hiking buff will last for years.

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