Is Hiking A Date Or Hanging Out? (All You Need To Know)

Is Hiking a Date or Hanging Out

Nowadays, people mix up hanging out with dates. Meanwhile, there’s a clear difference between the two.

A date happens between two people who have or might have a romantic relationship.

Hanging out means having a good time with the people you share a casual relationship with. Now, you may wonder if hiking is a date or hanging out.

Well, hiking can either be a date or a hangout. What defines it is who you’re hiking with and how the person who asked you to go hiking with them presented it. Whatever you do during the hiking also determines if it’s a date or an ordinary hanging out.

Is Hiking Together Considered a Date or Just Hanging out?

Is Hiking a Date or Hanging Out

Dates aren’t limited to dinner and dates. You can consider hiking to be a date.

You can also consider it as hanging out; it’s your choice. Besides regular exercise, hiking can also be romantic.

So, knowing whether you can refer to it as a date or hanging out depends on who you’re hiking with and whatever you do during the hiking. 

First, check out the table below to learn more about the differences between dates and hanging out.

DateHanging Out
The goal of every date is a romantic relationship.Hanging out happens between people that share a casual relationship.
The date happens between just two people. Hanging out happens between more people.
It requires deep commitment and proper planning. It requires less commitment and planning.
The conversation is always flirty. The conversation is always casual.
A date happens between two persons that have feelings for each other.You can hang out with anyone.

So, as you can see, hiking is an incredible date idea. However, ensure that the person you’re going with also likes it, as going on dates implies that both parties must enjoy it.

Therefore, if you’ve been planning to go on a hiking date, it’s worthy of giving a shot as it has the following advantages:

  • Hiking dates are unforgettable
  • Hiking dates promote bonding
  • Hiking dates are cheap
  • Hiking dates improve communication

#1. Hiking Dates Are Unforgettable 

A hiking date is more memorable than other dates and creates an exciting experience for you. 

You get to do beautiful things with your date, such as the adventurous vibe that hiking gives, the discovery of new wild lives, the quality time you spend with someone so dear to you, and so on. 

#2. Hiking Dates Promote Bonding

Hiking dates improve the connection between you and your partner. And if you and your date are yet to start dating, the hiking date can give birth to more between you.

You get to have more physical contact, and every little thing you do together during the hike will strengthen the bond that both of you share.

#3. Hike Dates Cost Less

Unlike other dates, hiking dates are cheap. You’re not trying to prove your relevance by booking high-class restaurants.

You’re not buying expensive foods and drinks. Instead, hiking dates are free but fantastic. Every effort will be worth it because you will want to go more.

#4. Hiking Dates Improve Communication 

This generation has a lot of distractions, and one of them is smartphones. 

The smartphone takes more attention on dates nowadays, because both parties aren’t that free with each other. As a result, even maintaining eye contact is sometimes difficult.

Unlike hiking dates, you get to be your genuine self and communicate essential things with each other. If you want to know the true personality of your partner, go hiking with them.

Is Hiking a Good Activity?

Yes, hiking is such a great activity. Besides the pleasure you derive from exercising during a hike, hiking also has numerous medical and psychological advantages

Some advantages of hiking include:

  • Hiking makes you feel fulfilled and happy.
  • Hiking improves your mental health. Enjoying the view of nature has many psychological benefits. And hiking is one of the best ways to free your mind and reduce stress.
  • Hiking is a great exercise that helps you stay fit and manage weight.
  • Hiking makes you stay strong and healthy.
  • Walking down the hill enables cardio exercise, which helps ensure your heart stays healthy. Therefore, hiking helps prevent heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.
  • Hiking is a form of exercise that improves brain function.

Is a Hike Too Much For a First Date?

Well, it depends on the person you want to hike with. If it’s a first date with a total stranger, hiking isn’t a good idea as the person may feel insecure, and also, for the sake of your safety as well. 

However, if it’s a first date with someone you’ve been friends with for a long time, then, yes, you can go hiking with them.

Meanwhile, it’s better to schedule your first date so that it will be short and unique rather than spending a long time walking down the hills. 

How Do You Turn Hiking Into a Date?

Most people see hiking as having regular exercise or hanging out with friends. However, you can turn hiking into a date with your loved one.

Turning hiking into a date isn’t difficult; all you need to do is to follow the instructions below:

  • The first thing is to ensure that the person you’re going with also likes the idea of a hiking date, don’t force it on them. 
  • Secondly, dates shouldn’t be stressful, so choosing a short hike trail that will also be easy to walk is better. 
  • Furthermore, if there’s any historical hike trail in your location, choose it; this will create a more memorable experience.
  • In addition, consider going to a hiking trail with water elements, such as waterfalls, rivers, etc.; this will make your date more beautiful.
  • Moreover, holding conversations with your dates, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know each other more. 
  • Don’t get distracted by anything; hiking dates should be different from other types of dates.
  • Also, take a picnic. Just because you’re walking down hills doesn’t mean your date should be dull. Take food, drinks, snacks, etc., along when you’re going.
  • And lastly, take a camera to take pictures of each other and the new things you discover together during the hike.

What Should You Wear On a Hiking Date?

What you should wear on a hiking date depends on the weather. Above all, your comfort and safety should come first, regardless of the weather.

Because it’s a date, your hiking outfit should simultaneously appear sporty, colorful, and cute.

Ensure you dress smart and don’t overdress. More so, consider wearing layers, especially during cold weather.

Therefore, below are some outfits you can wear on a hiking date.

  • Moisture-wicking matching bike shorts and a sports bra. Pair the outfit with a cap, hiking socks, and ankle-high shoes. This complete outfit is ideal for warm weather.
  • A colorful tee made with moisture-wicking materials is also a beautiful outfit. Pair the tee with either jogging or leggings. 
  • Wear a hiking boot, socks, a waterproof jacket on the tee, and a hat. 
  • Wear multiple layers, which consist of base (underwear), middle (any breathable wear), and top (such as rain jackets or coats).
  •  For instance, you can wear an undershirt, or a tee shirt, topped with a fleece jacket, hoodie, or sweater. 
  • Then, wear either a pair of jogging or fleece pants. 
  • Finally, wear hiking socks, insulated boots, a beanie cap, and gloves to keep your hands warm. This complete outfit is Ideal for cold weather.
  • Some outfits you should avoid during hiking include; 100% cotton clothing, jeans, denim, heels, thick clothes, and so on.


Hiking is a fantastic way of strengthening the bond between you and your partner. It’s also a great way to get to know your potential partner more.

If you’re planning to go on a hiking date, go ahead, but ensure that you follow all the instructions mentioned in this article.

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