Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots Good? (Explained)

Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots Good

Your comfort and safety should concern you the most when going hiking. To make hiking easier, what you wear should make you comfy, including your hiking boots.

Your feet should come first when hiking because they’re the ones that do most of the walking. And this is what leads to this question; are Eddie Bauer’s hiking boots good? 

Eddie Bauer’s hiking boots are perfect. Eddie Bauer hiking boots are among the most reputable in the world of outdoor boots because they are sturdy, reliable, durable, versatile, affordable, and make you feel comfortable during hiking. So, if you’re planning to get hiking boots, opt for Eddie Bauer’s; you won’t regret the decision.

Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Shoes Good For Hiking?

Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots Good

Eddie Bauer’s hiking shoes are good. The company makes its hiking shoes from quality and protective materials, which makes them comfy, attractive, stable, and long-lasting.

Eddie Bauer’s hiking shoes have different kinds that are suitable for different hiking trail distances and times, such as long-distance or short-distance hike trails, day hiking, and so on.

Eddie Bauer hiking shoes have firm insoles and outsoles, which provide excellent protection for your feet, especially during cold and damp weather. 

Moreover, Eddie Bauer produces unisex hiking shoes for different ages, including young children

Eddie Bauer employs sound and creative workers who produce the company’s hiking shoes in different styles.

Therefore, when choosing hiking shoes, ensure that you wear them at the store you want to buy them from to be assured that you buy the ones that fit you well. 

Meanwhile, don’t choose hiking shoes that are too tight or too loose for your feet.

Instead, choose a moderate one; this is advisable for your comfort and to prevent your toes from swelling.

Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Shoes Waterproof?

Eddie Bauer’s hiking shoes are waterproof. In addition, Eddie Bauer produces hiking shoes that make you walk comfortably even during damp and cold weather.

The waterproof hiking shoes are highly sturdy and provide the most adaptability in harsh terrains.

During damp weather, for instance, if there’s slushy snow and you go hiking without wearing waterproof hiking shoes, your feet will catch a cold which may cause them to freeze.

Meanwhile, an excessive freeze can lead to some painful conditions, such as frostbite and frostnip.

Frostbite and frostnip are both severe skin injuries caused by terrible cold weather.

In addition, when there’s heavy rainfall, the ground is most likely to become uneven, and if you go hiking without wearing thick and stiff waterproof hiking boots, your feet will ache severely.

And sometimes you will become prone to injuries that will take you days to recover. 

Fortunately, Eddie Bauer’s waterproof hiking shoes are there for you to prevent all these unpleasant happenings. 

Furthermore, Eddie Bauer’s waterproof hiking shoes give your feet the appropriate amount of insulation. The hiking shoes keep your feet warm and dry even during cold weather.

Eddie Bauer company primarily uses a multilayered waterproof breathable membrane; weathered technology to produce their hiking shoes.

The weathered technology ensures that your hiking shoes breathe, as this breathing is essential for your comfort when walking through the hiking trail. 

Also, their hiking shoes are water-repellent; they don’t absorb water. If you submerge the hiking shoes inside water, they dry quickly, stay blistered-free, and last for a long time.

Some of Eddie Bauer’s waterproof hiking shoes are; Eddie Bauer Lincoln Waterproof Hiking Boots, Eddie Bauer Mont Lake Hiking Boots, Eddie Bauer Astoria Women’s Hiking Boots, etc.

So, be sure that Eddie Bauer hiking shoes are waterproof and provide maximum protection for your feet during hiking.

Meanwhile, check out the table below to learn more about the differences between waterproof and non-waterproof hiking shoes.

Waterproof Hiking ShoesNon-Waterproof Hiking Shoes
Waterproof hiking shoes prevent water from getting inside your shoes. Water gets into non-waterproof hiking shoes easily.
Waterproof hiking shoes are heavier.Non-waterproof hiking shoes are lighter.
Waterproof hiking shoes are less breathable than non-waterproof ones.They are very breathable.
They’re more expensive than non-waterproof hiking shoes.Non-waterproof hiking shoes are cheaper than waterproof ones.
They’re suitable to wear in snowy, muddy, and uneven areas.They’re not suitable to wear in muddy and snowy areas.
Waterproof hiking shoes are very thick.Non-waterproof hiking shoes are more flexible than waterproof ones. 
They’re suitable to wear during cold weather.They’re suitable to wear during warm and dry weather.
Waterproof hiking shoes protect your feet from injuries during cold weather.They can’t protect your feet in cold environments.
Waterproof hiking shoes are sturdy. Non-waterproof hiking shoes are less sturdy compared to waterproof hiking shoes.

Looking at the table above, you will discover that both waterproof and non-waterproof hiking shoes have functions that are peculiar to each of them.

Therefore, it would be best to wear the right hiking shoes for different weather in the appropriate area to ensure optimum effectiveness.

Is Eddie Bauer a Good Brand?

Eddie Bauer Llc is a good and highly reputable brand. Eddie Bauer is an international clothing company living up to its name in the casual and outdoor gear market.

Eddie Bauer produces its products with quality materials and sells them at affordable prices. And this is one of the reasons their customers keep going back to patronize them.

Another fantastic thing about Eddie Bauer is that the company provides a lifetime warranty for its products. 

For instance, if you buy a waterproof hiking boot from them and the hiking boot doesn’t seem to perform up to your expectation, which doesn’t happen.

You can always return such hiking boots and exchange them with any other product within the same price range or request a full refund.

Eddie Bauer is a sustainable brand that has made a good name for itself over the years, and it remains one of the best companies to shop for quality jackets, sportswear, hiking boots, etc.

You don’t need to break the bank before purchasing their products. They make all their products affordable.

Eddie Bauer may not be as famous as Gucci, Chanel, Givenchy, etc., but trust them to always give you the best you can ever ask for and the value for your money.

If you doubt Eddie Bauer’s standard before, it’s high time you let it go because the company’s consistency has made them thrive in the outdoor gear world for over 100 years.

Where Is Eddie Bauer Made?

Eddie Bauer products are made in Seattle, Washington, United States. And they distribute their products to the United States, Canada, and Germany.

Eddie Bauer is a private, inclusive, global, leading retailing clothing brand founded in 1920 by Eddie Bauer, who named the brand after his name.

The headquarters of Eddie Bauer is in Bellevue, Washington. The company produces unisex clothing, sportswear, and outdoor gear for all sizes and age ranges.

Presently, SPARC Group LLC and Authentic Brands Group own Eddie Buer. In 2009, Golden Gate Capital acquired Eddie Buer due to the company’s bankruptcy.

Later, Golden Gate capital founded another operating company, PSEB, in 2018. Eddie Buer and one other company, Pacific Sunwear, were under PSEB. 

Not so long ago, Authentic Brand Group and SPARC Group LLC signed an agreement to purchase Eddie Bauer from the PSEB group. 

And now, Authentic Brand Group owns Eddie Bauer’s intellectual property. At the same time, the brand’s operating business became part of the SPARC Group LLC portfolio. 

The brand’s operating business includes; product design and development, brand sourcing, planning & allocation, wholesale, e-commerce, and so on.


Eddie Buer hiking shoes are users’ most trusted hiking shoes worldwide.

And this is because the company’s hiking shoes are produced with quality materials that provide optimum protection for your feet, especially during damp and cold weather. 

Therefore, Eddie Buer is undoubtedly your way to go if you want to get durable, comfortable, and affordable hiking shoes.

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