Is Trail Wolf Hiking Legit? (All You Need To Know)

Is Trail Wolf Hiking Legit

If you love hiking and want to go camping, you then discover a company named “Trail Wolf Hiking” that can help you with your desire to explore nature.  

Before becoming a group member, you’re still determining whether they can deliver on their promises before buying into their idea and spending your money on their products.

In this article, I’ll explain if Trail Wolf Hiking is legit, if you can go ahead with them, or if you need to exercise caution.

Trail Wolf Hiking isn’t entirely legit. There are more complaints against them than good reviews. Although they have the products they claim to sell on their site, people complain about them needing to be of better quality and worth the amount it is sold for. Some other people claim to refrain from receiving their products.

Is Trail Wolf Hiking Authorized? 

Is Trail Wolf Hiking Legit

The answer to this question is complicated. There are many considerations for whether or not this type of event is authorized, including safety and ethical implications.

I will discuss why I’m on the fence about these events organized by Trail Wolf Hiking.

Although they’ve been doing their business for some time, there are still lots of complaints from people.

The first thing I noticed about Trail Wolf is the need for their CEO’s full name on their website. Instead, it only has his first name, so you can’t trace its foundation.

They have a Facebook page where you join and connect with other people and get tips from Trail Wolf Hiking. There’s also a website where you can check out what they do.

Also, there is only one way to contact Trail Wolf Hiking through email. They are also an active company and aren’t currently facing lawsuits or bankruptcy. 

With that said, you should always check on these things when looking into any company you’re considering doing business with.

This way, you can find out if it is legitimate or not before buying a service from them. 

Unfortunately, they look a little sketchy to me with just their Facebook page and website to order products.

However, if you want to go with their hiking company, there’s a 50:50 chance that you’ll either like it or not.

What Does Trail Wolf Hiking Company Do? 

The Trail Wolf Hiking deals with all hiking-related things. They offer guided hikes and backpacking tips and sell gear for camping.

They aim to help people get out of their comfort zone by expanding their horizons and helping them get access to what they’ll need to camp.

The company creates gear for hiking and talks about educating people about the outdoors and how they can enjoy it.

In addition, they give tips on health, nutrition, and hiking. For example, how to stay fit, hiking tips places to check out, among other things.

However, they have a disclaimer if anything happens to you using their health tips and ask you to consult with your doctor before following their tips.

They have a website and a Facebook page they use to operate and showcase what they do and sell their products. They also sell their hiking products to make your hiking experience more enjoyable.

Some of the products they have are in the table below.

Cookware supplies.They sell stoves, cutlery, and cookware. Anything used to cook and eat when camping.
Ice shoe gripper crampons.They sell teeth ice gripper crampons for your shoes to help you when hiking.
FlashlightA flashing to help illuminate your environment when camping at night.
Jacket HeaterTo help heat your jacket while camping.
ShirtThey sell different branded T-shirts for you to wear.
Sleep systems.They sell products like camping tents and blanket hammocks.
Chairs.They sell different chairs you can use when camping.
Decals.They offer different decals for you to choose whichever design you like best.
Underwater compass.They sell underwater compasses for when you go scuba-diving.
Optic lensOne of their products is the optic lens for night vision when camping.

Their products aren’t limited to what is listed above; they offer products you can use on a beach, basically camping equipment.

They sell products you can use to enjoy your outdoor and camping activities. However, do know that all these products on their website are only partially theirs.

There are affiliate links on their site, so some of the things you purchase from them aren’t theirs, but they receive a commission from the product if you purchase it from them.

The Trail Wolf Hiking company has also started Beta Testing for their products. But, to become a Beta tester with them, you have first to buy their sticker.

After purchasing the sticker, you can now get your gear as a Beta tester, but you have to pay for the shipping of the gear.

Trail Wolf Hiking Company Reviews 

Some reviews online about the Trail Wolf Hiking company, some good, and others not good.

There are fewer reviews online about Trail Wolf Hiking Company. The only place they seem to have an online presence is on Facebook.

On the sites people post their reviews on, most people posting their reviews about this company need to speak better about their products.

According to a Reddit user review, the products they sell on their sites are expensive and not worth the price it goes for.

The person complained about getting products of such low quality at a dollar store instead of wasting excessive money on the product on Trail Wolf.

Apart from the low-quality product, the reviewer complained about the products that looked worth the price redirecting him to a sketchy site. 

Another user on Reddit said something about getting access to the CEO newsletter, which typically costs $60 after buying a product.

This same user said the newsletter he received was crap, and he had to request that he be removed from their mailing list to stop getting offers.

He also mentioned that he ordered a decal from Trail Wolf to register as a Beta tester, but he still needs to receive the decal from them.

He later ordered a stove from them but said it was just ordinary and how it was packaged could have been better.

After going through their site and Facebook page, if you want to contact them and ask questions about their Beta testing or any other question, you have to do it through an email.

The email address is on their website and Facebook page; apart from that, there’s no other way to contact them.

Other users have also complained about sending emails and waiting to receive responses.

According to a user on, it labels Trail Wolf Hiking a questionable. You have a 50:50 chance on this site.

Whether you go with this company, you can either get your money’s worth or not. Unfortunately, some people blatantly call this company a scam.

However, the number of members on their Facebook page shows that they must be doing something right to have that number still.

People might like their tips about hiking and the opportunity they get to talk with other enthusiasts like them about hiking.

Although the group is private, people still join. Unfortunately, you can only get a little information by joining the group.

My review has helped you decide whether to do business with Trail Wolf Hiking!


Trail Wolf Hiking has only a small online presence, except for its website and Facebook page.

Be careful before investing with them, and check online reviews to see if they are better and deliver on what they say before committing.

Start with a small order to see if they’ll deliver and if it’s high quality before making your decision.

Josh Matthews

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