This is Why Hikers Use Smart Water Bottles!

Why Do Hikers Use Smart Water Bottles

Have you ever wondered why hikers are always with smart water bottles each time they go on thru-hiking? 

Even though there are so many water bottles available, hikers are often seen using smart water bottles. 

But what’s the big deal about smart water bottles? Why do hikers use smart water bottles and not others? Get the answer to these questions right here. 

Hikers use smart water bottles for various reasons. These reasons include its lightweight, affordability, size and shape, durability, the sawyer water filter that helps keep the water clean, and the reusable nature of the bottle. These are the reasons why hikers prefer using smart water bottles.

What Is Special About Smart Water Bottles?

Why Do Hikers Use Smart Water Bottles

Smart water bottles are special in several ways. The special features of the smart water bottle make it greatly desired and preferred over other water bottles. 

First, smart water bottles are lightweight. It weighs only 34g when empty and has a 1-liter capacity.

The lightness of the bottle makes it very easy to carry about without stress.

Not just that, the bottles are portable. They have a thin and long shape, making them easy to grab and carry. 

Of course, you won’t want to bug yourself with those bulky containers when you can get a container as light and grabbable as a smart water bottle.

The thin and long shape of the bottle also makes it slip easily into the sides of your backpack. So, you can easily access them when you need to take a drink.

Also, smart bottles are very durable. They are made from thick plastic, which makes them last for a long time. The plastic doesn’t wrinkle when you squeeze it. 

The reason is that the materials used in making the plastics are highly compact with the sawyer water filter.

This sawyer water filter helps to filter impurities in the water and makes it always clean and fit for consumption.

Smart bottles are BPA-free (Bisphenol-A free) because they are made from PET( Polyethylene Terephthalate)1 food grade plastics. 

Moreso, the bottles are recyclable, just like other plastics. And so do not pose any form of environmental threat.

The smart bottles are also reusable. So, you can choose to use them over and over again before disposing of them.

However, you must ensure to wash the bottle daily if you intend to use it for a long time to keep your water safe.

Failure to do that can cause bacteria to harbor and accumulate in the bottle, which, when used, may lead to sickness.

This effect explains why the reuse of bottles is not advised. It’s best to change your smart water bottle one week after use or, at most, after two weeks.

Do Smart Water Bottles Come With Regular Water?

Smart water bottles have distilled spring water, natural flavorings, and electrolytes. The water in smart water bottles is usually from natural sources. 

But they undergo a purification process- distillation. This distillation process purifies the water from contaminants present in the water and makes it fit for consumption.

The distillation process of purifying water is more effective than the filtration and evaporation methods. 

And in a bid to give pure water, the smart company chose to go through the best method of purification, which is the distillation process.

The water in the smart water bottle also comes in four different flavors. They are cucumber lime, strawberry blackberry, pineapple kiwi, and watermelon mint.

Although, not all smart water bottles contain water with these natural flavors. The original smart water bottle contains only distilled water without flavors. 

These flavors are, however, natural flavors. They only add taste to the water and are very suitable for drinking.

The water in all smart water bottles- flavored and unflavored contains electrolytes. 

It comes in the form of Magnesium chloride, Calcium chloride, and Bicarbonate of potassium (ionized minerals).

The presence of this ionized mineral in the water gives it a distinct taste, makes it refreshing to the body, and makes it healthy for consumption.

It also helps to replenish fluid loss through sweat and quench dehydration, especially after intense exercise like hiking.

You can get all the benefits of regular water and more from smart water without any concerning ingredients.

Is Smart Water Healthier Than Regular Water?

It all depends on the individual definition of healthy because everyone’s health needs vary. Therefore, what is considered healthy for you may not be for another.

However, the general characteristics of smart and regular water are stated below. So, you can decide which one satisfies your needs and is considered healthy for you.

Smart waterRegular water
Pure and contaminate-freeMay contain contaminants
Purification by distillationPurification by filtration/ evaporation
It has a pH of 4.5It has a pH of 7
Contains ionized mineralsContains natural minerals
Safe and healthy for consumptionNot so safe and healthy for consumption
No heavy metals Contains heavy metals
Additive present- electrolytesNo additives
From natural sourceFrom natural source

Note that the ionized minerals in smart water are very healthy and important in the body.

The body can lose its natural electrolytes when fluid is lost from the body through sweat. 

So, taking in this ionized smart water can help replenish the electrolytes and balance the level in your body.

Although smart water does not contain many electrolytes like many electrolyte-rich drinks, you may be unable to balance your body’s electrolyte level if it needs much of it.

However, taking smart water is a very safe and healthy way to replenish your body’s electrolytes when your body needs it.

Also, smart water contains no additives apart from the electrolytes it contains. And the level of the electrolytes is so low that it doesn’t pose any health concern. 

For instance, an eight-ounce serving of smart water contains 2.5 mg of calcium, 2.5mg of potassium, and 3.75mg of magnesium.

The purpose of adding the electrolytes is that during the water purification process- distillation, the minerals, and electrolytes that give water its pleasant taste are lost.

So, to curb this problem, a small number of electrolytes are added to the water to give you both clean and pleasant tasting water.

Can You Drink Too Much Smart Water?

Due to the electrolyte content in smart water, you’re advised not to take too much of it, especially when you’re taking in electrolytes into your body faster than you’re losing them. 

The reason is that the electrolyte can accumulate in your body and have devastating health effects.

However, adequate water intake is necessary for the proper functioning of your body system. Therefore, you’re advised to take water as often as possible.

And just like regular water, smart water also hydrates your body and gives you that refreshing feel you desire.

You can get the following benefits when you drink water more often.

  • Hydration
  • Relieve from headache
  • Glowing, clearer, and healthy skin
  • Increased productivity
  • Boost energy levels
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Promotes proper digestion
  • Improved heart health
  • Reduces the risk of constipation
  • Aids proper digestion of food

Final Thoughts

Hikers use smart water bottles because they are featherweight and easy to grab and drink from because of their long and thin shape. 

It is durable and seals well even after using it for a long time. It can also fit into the sides of any backpack with ease. And most excitingly, it is available anywhere in the US.

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