Snowbird Campsites Adirondacks (A Complete Guide)

Snowbird Campsites Adirondacks

Adirondacks has one of the best campsites good for camping. Camping is one of the best stress relievers that help you escape the annoyance of urban life. 

Adirondack has various campsites which you can choose from to ease your stress and give you the quiet and beautiful view you want. One of them is the popular snowbird campsites.

Snowbird campsite Adirondack is a small site at the top of the mountain between the shadows of Mount Haystack and Mount Basin. This campsite is the highest in the high peak and gives you wonderful scenery.

Is the Snowbird Campsite Worth It?

Snowbird Campsites Adirondacks

Although hiking to the snowbird campsite is not an easy journey, it’s worth the stress. Due to the height of the campsite, it gets windy and chilly up there. 

So it’s best always to bring extra clothes and blankets. It is the only legal option along the great range that does not need extra elevation if you are backpacking the range.

What Is the View Like At the Snowbird Campsite?

The snowbird campsite is one mile from Mount Haystack, offering a perfect sunrise or sunset view. It is one of the best and most beautiful views in the Adirondacks. 

The stream near this campsite is a mere trickle, so it’s advisable to bring tons of water with you and restock them whenever you can.

Aside from the snowbird campsite, other campgrounds give you a good view of the Adirondacks.

Some of them include;

#1. Marcy Dam Campsites and Lean-tos 

This campground can be crowded during weekends and in calmer weather. But during the weekdays, it’s easy to journey to the Marcy dam of about 2.2 miles. 

When you reach the dam, you will be welcomed by the presence of Mount Colden in the distance of the south. 

The western slope tilts into an avalanche lake, resulting in an Avalanche mountain and the rough shoulder of wright peak in the west. 

This area consists of a few lean-tos and many campsites. Furthermore, the night view is awesome, and you can wander around the mountains and even sleep under the stars.

#2. Alumni Campsites

You will love this place if you like to drive rather than hike to the camper. Also, this campground is the best choice if you want a less remote outdoor camping experience. 

This campground is free for current students and affordable for alumni. There are seven lean-to sites, five next to the lower Saint Regis lake, while the two are in the woods. 

The lean-to sites comprise a picnic table, and outhouses are everywhere on the campground. You can also select from 21 tent sites, with each site containing a fire pit and grill.

#3. Little Green Pond

This pond is a portable, benign pond located in the new creek ponds area off Rte.30, which is after Tupper lake. 

This place is not on the list, but it is a very nice place to spend the night in the woods. It has fire pits and rope swings. 

However, the road is a little dicey, so if your car has limited clearance, it’s best to drive slowly. 

Along the pond are some train tracks that allow you to enjoy the starry night while taking a walk.

#4. Roaring Brook Fall Campsite

This campsite is a hidden gem that park visitors have not flooded. The distance from this campground to the giant mountain trails is less than a mile. 

Less than 20 feet is a clear stream that drops at 325 feet from the three-tier cliffs. The waterfall top provides you with a spectacular view of the great range. 

This site has plenty of tent areas, a fire pit that is adequately structured, and huge trees if you prefer a hammock for your camping experience. 

The roaring brook fall campsite has a unique feature: the gigantic ancient red oak trees that are not common in the park.

#5. Seward Lean-to

The Seward campsite is a great area to flee from the noisiness of the daily grind.

This campsite is deep in the forest along the Northville placid trail. This place gives you a calm and quiet view.

#6. Black Pond Lean-to 

The black pond area is a unique location that offers a special experience to the hikers. 

The loons are available in the water and sing songs that echo from the water’s surface to the roofs of the trees. So if you love the sounds of the loons, you will love this spot.

#7. Upper Sargent Pond

The upper sergeant is east of Raquette Lake in the Sargent pond wild forest. 

Although the place is not widely recognized since it is a secluded place in the camp, you can still enjoy your experience at the upper sergeant pond. A plane can drop you off at the campsite.

You can call Helm’s Aero service to load a floating boat with steak, beverages, and fishing equipment if you want to stay for more than a day. 

Helms will give you a fun-filled flight, taking you over peaks and waterfalls. There are canoes and an island where you can carry out your camping. 

There are fish in the pond, so it’s best to take knives, spice, and foils to have a good time.

#8. Fish Pond Lean-to

The fish pond lean-to is a beautiful pond in the Saint Regis Canoe area.

This place has a stream and ponds, making it the perfect place for a great overnight or two to three days paddling trip. 

The pond stops along the Nine Carries, a specific Adirondack paddling path. Paddling from one pond to another is not advisable, so it’s best to check the route map.

#9. Just Sleep On a Mountain

Although cold, if you do your research well and do it legally, camping on a mountain frees you and gives you a satisfying feeling.

However, the mountain must not be more than 3500 feet. Doing so makes you see the mountain sunset and the pink and golden grandeur of the Adirondack sunrise.

So you decide to choose which campsite you want to explore. Also, check the map to see more campsites you can try.

How Long Does It Take To Reach the Snowbird Campsite?

The distance you will spend from your house to the campsite depends on where you live. If you live far from Adirondack, you will spend more hours on the road. 

However, the distance from the Adirondack park to the snowbird campsites is about 33 hours. The snowbird campsite is nearer to the junction of the upper Ausable lake.

It is below the herd path on the left-hand side before reaching the function, Shorey. This campsite is easier to locate.

Can I Spend a Night At the Snowbird Campsite?

You can sleep over at the snowbird campsite. This campsite can be very crowded or less busy depending on the month and the day.

Few people visit the place during the weekdays and non-holiday seasons. But during weekends and holidays, you might be unable to reserve space.

However, if the sites at snowbird campsites are filled, the nearest alternative is the Slant Rock lean-to campsites. 

The slant rock is a bit of a hike off the great range trail but is not terrible. 

Snowbird CampsitesSlant Rock Campsites
The snowbird has two specified sites.Slant rock campsites have four specified sites.
It contains limited people.It contains more people than the snowbird. 


Snowbird campsites Adirondack is a campsite between Mount Basin and Haystack. It is one of the highest campsites that gives you beautiful and one of the best views.

However, sometimes the campsite gets filled. Going camping during that period, you can try other campsites in Adirondack and enjoy some quiet time in the autumn woods.

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