Are Merrell Hiking Shoes Washable? (Read This First)

Are Merrell Hiking Shoes Washable

Hiking shoes must be comfortable and provide support to encourage the individual wearing them on their hike. 

But most importantly, their sole must be suitable to offer proper traction on nearly all terrains, making Merell’s hiking shoes a good choice. 

However, because of the natural elements like mud and the terrain condition of most hiking roads, it’s easy for you to get dirty shoes. 

According to the Manufacturer’s instructions, you should only hand wash your dirty Merrell shoes. Use mild cleaning agents with fewer chemicals to avoid harming the leather and a soft brush to remove the dirt. Then use a soft towel to clean it and allow it to dry completely at room temperature. Doing this will help to prolong the shoe’s lifespan.

Washing shoes might seem the best, but you risk damaging them when you’re not doing it right. If you own Merrell’s hiking shoes, this article will help you to clean and maintain them properly.

Can You Wash Merrell’s Hiking Shoes? 

Are Merrell Hiking Shoes Washable

It’s best to hand wash your Merrell’s hiking shoes after hiking. It is one of the most important ways of keeping them in good condition for a long time. 

But you must avoid using washing machines. 

To begin cleaning Merrell hiking shoes, you must first prepare them. Firstly, remove your shoes and the shield laces and keep them aside. 

Use a wet rag to clean excess mud and dirt stuck to it and its sole. Don’t apply excess pressure to avoid damaging the fabric. Be gentle but use enough cleaning power. 

Next, after doing that, it’ll be clearer for inspection. Go through the shoe to check for any visible damage or peeling areas you need to repair. 

If you find any, repair them before cleaning. If not, use warm water, a soapy solution, and a soft brush to clean around the areas and everywhere that accumulated dirt.

Further, wash the shoe laces and hang them after rinsing. Also, use a soapy wet rag to clean inside the sole. 

If your shoe isn’t waterproof, it must have gotten wet when you stepped into muddy waters, and your sweaty feet could make the sole stink.

Afterward, rinse the entire shoe and place a dry rag inside to help absorb the excess water and leave it at room temperature to fully dry.

In conclusion, you should purchase waterproof sprays to protect your Merrell shoes from stains and water during wet conditions. 

They come in handy and make cleaning less complicated while keeping your feet dry during hiking.

Can I Wash Merrell’s Hiking Shoes With a Washing Machine? 

Merrell advises against using washing machines to clean your hiking shoes. However, some people still do it, but that doesn’t make it good. 

Remember that Merrell shoes are leather suede, and overexposure to moisture inside washers will harm the fabric. 

Their makeup doesn’t allow for such harsh cleaning methods, but there are other ways to keep them looking good.

There are many reasons you shouldn’t wash leather shoes in washing machines or put them in dryers. 

Using washers encourages harsh chemical cleaning agents, especially when you add them to other clothes. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re scuffed to an extent where you must apply a lot of pressure to clean them. 

If it gets to that extent, consult professional suede/leather textile shoe cleaners, and they’ll do a perfect job.

Also, hand washing your Merrell shoes does not mean soaking them in a soapy water mixture. You don’t put the shoes inside the water, but you’ll scrub them with a brush or rag. 

Scrub the dirty parts; if they’re too stubborn, apply baking soda to them for a few hours or overnight to get the best result. 

It removes tough stains and makes your cleaning job easier. After rinsing them, don’t use dryers either. 

Although some people use washing machines even when they shouldn’t, they frown against using dryers because the excess heat isn’t healthy for the fabric. 

In worse cases, it can cause your hiking shoes materials to tear, shrink or deform. Don’t also dry them directly under the sun. 

Room temperature is best for proper drying, although it takes longer.

We’ve compared and contrasted the differences between handwashing your shoes with brushes and using a washing machine. 

The table below shows the differences and highlights why you chose the former.

Hand Washing/Cleaning Hiking ShoesUsing Washing Machines
Manually cleaning hiking shoes with brushes and rags works for all shoe types.Using washing machines only works for select shoe types. It’s a No for leather, suede, etc.
It takes greater effort to clean, but it does a thorough job.It’s an easier option, and if you use dryers, it saves you time.
Your hiking shoes are in good condition after washing. No shrinks or tears.It damages shoes and causes discoloration, shrinkage, cracks, and tears.

The Best Way to Wash Merrell Hiking Shoes 

The best way to wash Merrell hiking shoes is to clean them using regular rags and soft brushes.

 Hand washing them might be time-consuming and stressful, but it ensures your shoes retain their original look and form. 

Waterproof sprays make cleaning easier as you have less mud and accumulated debris. 

For frequent use, you can use a soft wet rag to clean it and brush away surface debris to keep them shining. 

But on rough days, when you use them for long, it’s best to use cleaning agents and warm water. They do a better job of eliminating dirt. 

Rinse them properly afterward and air your shoes occasionally to prevent the inside from stinking. 

If you don’t know which cleaning agent to use, buy shoe soaps for only leather or suede. 

Being vigilant about cleaning your shoes when they get surface dirt reduces how often you clean them with soap which is a better option.

Cleaning your shoes is one thing, but dealing with the unpleasant smell it exudes is another. 

Your shoe may look shiny, but it’s bothersome if the insides still stink. After dealing with the outside, get to work on the inside. 

Allow it to dry well before applying a generous amount of baking soda. Yes, we already mentioned it, but for removing tough stains. 

This time, use it to eliminate bad odor. A better way is to put it inside a sock and place the sock in your Merrell shoes.

Finally, be cautious of the cleaning tools you use. It may be the soap or how hard you scrub if you detect any changes like discoloration. Change your method.

A Step-by-Step Guide How to Clean Merrell Hiking Shoes With Suede 

Cleaning suede shoes requires more attention and caution as they’re a softer fabric. We’ve outlined the best methods to practice when cleaning Merrell hiking shoes with suede below:

#1. Clean the Surface of Loose Particles

Suede Merrell hiking shoes and generally suede shoes have their cleaning equipment, but you can improvise with other efficient alternatives. 

A suede brush is handy for brushing off loose particles on your suede hiking shoes, but you can use soft bristles or toothbrushes. Gently brush to and fro to remove the particles.

#2. Remove Stains with a Suede Eraser

Properly clean your Merrell hiking shoes with suede using a designated eraser to eliminate marks and stains. Use it directly on the mark but be mild.

#3. Use Vinegar for Tougher Stains

Some stains won’t budge even after you clean the shoes with brushes and erasers. Hence, dip a soft cloth in white vinegar and mildly clean the stained area. 

Be careful not to soak the entire surface. Only target the stains and leave them to dry afterward. 

For oil and grease marks, leave baking soda/cornstarch on it overnight or brush it off after a few hours.

#4. Apply Suede Protector Spray

Lastly, finish off with a suede protector to make it more resistant to moisture and dirt stains. This way, your shoe has another protection layer to protect it from splatters. 

But most importantly, use them in dry weather to keep them in their best condition.

7 Maintenance Tips to Care for Merrell Hiking Shoes

Cleaning your shoes helps to maintain them and leave them looking as good as new for a long time. 

But there are other preventive measures to practice if you want to care for your Merrell hiking shoes.

  1. Avoid washing them with washing machines or dry them with dryers or under direct sunlight.
  2. Avoid using them regularly in wet conditions, especially suede Merrells. It’s advisable to keep them waterproof.
  3. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods when washing them.
  4. Dry the insoles and air them regularly to prevent unwanted smells.
  5. Promptly repair any seen damage to prevent them from worsening. 
  6. Wax your leather Merrell shoes often to keep them looking shiny and good. 
  7. Store your Merrell hiking shoes in cool, dry places and don’t air or dry them close to heat sources.
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