How Fast Does The Average Person Hike? (Explained)

How Fast Does The Average Person Hike

In hiking, speed also matters because the faster you are, the faster you cover miles away and vice versa.

If you’re slow as a hiker, it will take longer to cover the distance you wish to cover than a fast hiker. 

However, because a beginner in hiking can have a different speed than an expert, many people often wonder how fast an average person hikes.

The average speed for a hiker is 2.5 miles per hour. So it is for an adult hiker, though beginners cannot go this fast in hiking. The speed range for hiking, ranging from beginners to experts, is 1.5 to 3.5 miles per hour. But there can be limitations on the road which might cause a little delay.

Even as a beginner or expert, it is essential to know your hiking speed to create room for improvement and better speed.

What is the Average Speed for Hiking?

How Fast Does The Average Person Hike

Every human has a speed limit he can reach at a given time. However, if you take running for an example, a beginner will only match the speed of an expert.

Also, will someone who has been into running for a year compare to someone who is an expert?

Similar to this is hiking; a beginner hiker can not match the speed of an expert. Not even with someone who started hiking about a year ago.

Age also matters in hiking; a 50-year-old cannot match the speed of a twenty-year-old fellow in hiking.

The hiking speed solely depends on the age and how well the person knows hiking.

Also, the environment matters in hiking; you cannot expect someone hiking on a rough part to someone hiking on a smooth part.

Also, some people hike on foot while others use a bicycle. The bicycle’s speed will be much higher than that of the foot.

And the time it will take a bicycle to climb a very high hill will be much more than that of climbing on foot.

Also, the hiking speed of a child will be lesser than that of a full-grown adult.

The speed range for hiking on a direct route is 1.5 to 3.5 miles per hour. 1.5 could be a child or a beginner.

Your hiking speed can be fast or slow depending on your health condition, age, and how well you can hike.

How Long Does it Take an Average Person to Hike 1 mile?

It takes an average person 2.5 hours to hike a distance of 1 mile and an average of 4.5 or 5 hours to hike a distance of 2 Miles.

Although the speed of hiking depends on some things like

#1. Health,

The speed of the hike of a healthy person will be much more than that of an unhealthy person.

Although it is not advisable to go on a hike unhealthy, it also exposes you to risks of getting ill or worsening your health.

Only healthy people should go for a hike, and if it is a must, you should go along with someone in case of an emergency.

During winter, people with health issues associated with fever should not be allowed to go hiking in case of any health contradictions.

#2. Age

The hiker’s age will reasonably determine the speed range of that hiker.

Kids have a slower hiking speed than young adults. On the other hand, older adults have a high hiking speed, and aged people have a lesser hiking speed.

So before estimating your hiking speed, you need to consider your age or even in comparison with other hikers’ speeds.

#3. Backpack

Your hiking backpack should contain only relevant materials you’ll need on your hike.

There’s no need for a makeup kit or too many clothes and shoes in your backpack.

Also, items like boots, umbrellas, and other essential materials should be light and not plenty to have a very light backpack.

If your backpack is heavy, it will reduce the hiking speed as it will be a burden you carry. So, put only essential and light objects in the backpack to be portable and easily carried.

#4. Weather

The weather condition of the particular location can also determine the hiking speed.

During winter, the cold nature of that environment can make a hiker faster since if you hike or exercise, the body will feel warm.

During hot weather, the body tends to get tired faster than it does during cold times or weather.

#5. Level of Expertise

The level at which you can hike also determines the speed of your hike. A beginner will hike slower than an expert would hike.

When starting a hike for the first time, the speed will be languid since you’re learning, but when you get used to hiking, you get faster.

#6. Nature of Path

Going through a plain path will be faster than hiking through a rough patch of hillside or any irregular path.

If two people are on a hike, one on an irregular path and the other on a plain part, then the speed of the two is supposed to be calculated differently.

Since the road is not plain, obstacles will slow down your hike along that particular path.

How Do I Estimate My Average Hiking Speed?

It is essential to estimate your hiking speed to create room for improvement in speed and other aspects.

To successfully estimate your hiking speed, whether as a beginner or an expert,

  • Prepare all your equipment and resources for a hike
  • Make sure you’re not tired, stressed, or sick
  • Set out a GPS to keep track of the distance you cover during hiking
  • Set your timer immediately after you start hiking
  • Only stop the timer if you have an obstacle or a critical situation.
  • Avoid any distractions that’ll make you spend more time on your track
  • Once you come to a mile or even a distance of your choice, stop the timer
  • By this, you can determine the time you spent on the track
  • Then when you get your time, divide your distance covered by the time
  • The value you get is your hiking speed for that hike.

For example, if you cover a distance of 2 Miles in 4 hours, your speed will be 0.5 miles per hour.

Make sure your timing is correct and your distance covered; ensure we correctly estimate to avoid errors.

What is the Best Speed to Hike as a Beginner?

As a beginner, your hiking speed differs from an expert hiker.e

However, some people learn faster than others, and some people are naturally faster than others, so this will alter the speed of a beginner.

As a beginner, estimating your hike speed on the first day of hiking is improper; you’ll wait a week or more before you can hike independently.

You can estimate your hike speed when you can hike independently.

You can also use a timer to estimate your hike speed or, even better, contact a coach to help you with timing.

Using a field or a designated path for learning hiking to test your speed is more advisable for a beginner.

The following is the estimated speed for young and old hikers

Age rangeSpeed
13-170.5 – 2 miles per hour
18-302 – 3 miles per hour
30-503 – 3.5 miles per hour
50 and above2 – 3 miles per hour

Although the range can vary fur to expertise, it is the estimated speed range for hikers within the various age range.

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