This is How To Wear Hiking Boots With Skinny Jeans!

How to Wear Hiking Boots With Skinny Jeans

Many people express their disagreement when it comes to wearing skinny jeans with hiking boots. Generally, there is a popular misconception about this combination.

However, as a new trend, skinny jeans on hiking boots are regular these days. Although, it looks weird if you don’t wear them properly.

You might wonder how to wear your skinny jeans on your boots for the perfect look. Therefore, you should read this article thoroughly to understand the concept better.

The vital point to note when wearing skinny jeans on hiking boots is the length of the jean. The length of the jeans and your boots must blend accordingly. Also, the color of the boots and jeans should not look out of place. The proper color combination effectively gives you a classy look you want.    

Can You Put on Skinny Jeans With Hiking Boots?

How to Wear Hiking Boots With Skinny Jeans

Yes, you can put on skinny jeans with hiking boots. Although, it is not the best combination for hiking trips because the jeans are uncomfortable.

Generally, jeans are for every weather condition. You can wear skinny jeans on hiking boots casually, but avoiding wearing them on a hiking trip is best.

You need to wear jeans that support mobility and breathability on a hiking trip. Therefore, it is best to wear hiking jeans on your trip.

However, wearing skinny jeans with hiking boots is a trendy and remarkable fashion statement. It gives you a casual and thoughtful look at the same time.

Although, you would need to style your skinny jeans and hiking boots properly to get a perfect look. It might look weird and out of place if you don’t give it perfect styling.

How Do You Wear Hiking Boots With Skinny Jeans?

The essential point to note when wearing skinny jeans on hiking boots is that the length of the jean needs to reach the top of your hiking boots.

It would help the combination to give you an excellent shape and appearance. Additionally, the jean shouldn’t be too tight, so it doesn’t restrict your movement.

If your skinny jeans are too tight, especially around the thigh, you may find it uncomfortable to move around and feel sweaty on the legs.

You can try a few pairs of jeans on the boots to see the one that fits snugly and makes you comfortable when moving around simultaneously.

Although, the jean length needs to be extended. However, it shouldn’t be too long, so the bottom part doesn’t get dirty.

Plus, you won’t be able to move around comfortably if the length exceeds the top of the boots. At the same time, it is also wrong for the jeans to be short.

You would be unable to tuck the jeans into your hiking boots. The combination will look out of place if you cannot tuck the jeans into your boots.

Some essential guidelines for styling skinny jeans with hiking boots for a perfect appearance. The guidelines are as follows:

#1. Wear the Appropriate Length

The ankle length is the proper length for wearing skinny jeans on hiking boots. However, moving around in a pair of hiking boots and skinny jeans may be highly uncomfortable.

The jeans look better when they aren’t too long or short. So, looking for the perfect pair of jeans is vital before stepping out in this combination. 

#2. Try Out Different Types of Skinny Jeans

Try out different types of skinny jeans on your hiking boots to see the one that suits them perfectly. Of course, the color of your jeans must be perfect for the boots.

Wearing the wrong color combination could make the style less lovely. Another thing you should consider is how the boots and your top look with your skinny jeans.

The jeans must look perfect under your top clothing and above the boots. So, you might need to try out different tops and jeans to choose the perfect pair.

#3. Wear the Correct Fit for Boots

The hiking boots must be your perfect fit, so you don’t find it difficult to move in them. In addition, the boots shouldn’t be too tight or loose on your feet.

Additionally, the heel length of your boots shouldn’t be too high for skinny jeans. A short heel length looks better with a pair of skinny jeans.

#4. Choose the Perfect Colors

Although the jean and boots color combination needs to blend, however, the boots need to match your terrain.

The color of your hiking boots needs to look regular and pleasant; for example, brown or black hiking boots look better on skinny jeans.

At the same time, the jean color must make your appearance look classy and lovely. So it is best to go for colors like blue, black, or beige for skinny jeans.

It would help to avoid colors that are too bright. Although, you can decide to go for a more colorful look if you want.

But skinny jeans and hiking boots shouldn’t be colorful at the same time. One of them needs to look less bold; in this case, the jeans would look better if it was less colorful.

#5. Tuck In the Jeans

Tucking in your skinny jeans gives you a perfect look with hiking boots. The jean fabric is thin and easy to tuck in without coming out.

You must ensure you tuck the jeans correctly. The jeans need to look neat and uniform.

#6. Purpose of Outfit

Although hiking boots are for hiking trips, wearing them with skinny jeans alters the purpose of the outfit. The outfit becomes too uncomfortable for hiking trips.

You shouldn’t wear skinny jeans on hiking boots if you are doing exhaustive work or moving around a lot; they could hurt your thigh.

What Hiking Boots Go Well With Skinny Jeans?

Short ankle-length hiking boots are perfect for skinny jeans. The length combines perfectly with the way the jeans outline your appearance.

Also, you should wear boots with more earthy colors like black and any shade of brown. The colors contrast nicely with any location and terrain.

You can wear any jean color you want, but it is best if it is black or blue. You must also ensure the jeans are up to your ankle length to meet the boots at that point.

Can You Wear Hiking Boots Casually?

Yes, you can wear hiking boots casually. The boots help to support your ankle and keep your feet breathable and dry. 

Plus, it is a very stylish look that is trending. Wearing hiking boots on a regular day doesn’t look weird if the outfit combination is correct.

Additionally, hiking books are helpful as work boots, rain boots, construction boots, and hiking boots.

The versatility makes it possible to wear them casually when you want. However, there are pros and cons to wearing hiking boots casually.

The pros and cons include:

They provide ankle support.The boots will wear out faster.
They provide traction on slippery grounds.They are too expensive for daily use.
You can wear them to a casual occasion.You can’t wear them for every occasion.
They keep your feet warm and dry.They are not proper for some types of work.
They are limited to some outfit combinations.

Do You Tuck Skinny Jeans Into Hiking Boots?

It would be best if you always tucked skinny jeans into hiking boots. It looks more classy and stylish that way. Plus, it also helps to keep the edge of the jeans clean.

Tucking the jeans into your hiking boots also eases your mobility. When the jeans are not tucked in, you will reduce the difficulty with moving around.

In addition, tucking the jeans improves your appearance. You look smarter with the hiking boots and skinny jeans combination.    


In conclusion, wearing skinny jeans with hiking boots is typical for casual looks if you follow the proper principles and adjust the outfit accordingly.

However, wearing jeans on your hiking trip is not the best idea. It would make you uncomfortable and sweaty throughout the trip.

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