Can You Go Camping When It’s Raining? (Read This First)

Can You Go Camping When It's Raining

Camping is one of the most fun outdoor activities you can enjoy with almost anyone. You can go camping with friends, family, colleagues or your partner.

But certain circumstances might make camping seem impossible. For instance, what about during rainfall or thunderstorms? Is it advisable to go camping?

I understand that you have genuine concerns, as no one likes to get wet and, most definitely, in the woods.

Yes, you can go camping when it is raining, as a little shower should not stop the fun. However, you must prepare adequately with the right gear. Things like rainfall or thunderstorms are natural phenomena, and you cannot avoid them. Nonetheless, you must be observant, but it should not deprive you of fun and bonding time.

In this article, you will discover the possibility of camping during rainfall. This information is top-tier and from a reliable source.

By the end, you will discover all the pros and cons of camping in the rain and the right gear to pack.

Should You Go Camping When It’s Raining?

Can You Go Camping When It's Raining

Of course, you can go camping when it is raining. You should work with it since you cannot stop the rain from pouring down.

Undoubtedly, camping is more fun with clear skies and dry grounds. However, having that all year round is impossible as we have several seasons.

For instance, if you live in Forks, where it rains cats and dogs every day, would you give up on camping?

Of course not; all you need to do is to prepare for the activity and try to be as safe as possible. Now, there are certain things you must do when you decide to camp in the rain.

There are no rules, but tips I found helpful when camping during rainfall that I would like to share.

Here are some helpful tips for going camping when it is raining:

  • Check the weather forecast
  • Pack a rainfly
  • Pack more processed foods
  • Stay uphill or on high ground
  • Pack warm clothing
  • Prepare for indoor games
  • Get waterproof packs for storing clothes and electronics
  • Tarp is your best friend
  • Do not forget the gadgets
  • Do not leave out the fun

#1. Check the Weather Forecast

Even with clear skies, you can only truly trust the weather with an accurate forecast. Checking the weather forecast when you will be camping is a wise decision.

This step is crucial because mere observing with your eyes will not be accurate. It is advisable first to check the forecast before you begin packing.

Also, it could relieve the stress of unpacking your camping gear because of a thunderstorm. 

In addition, it could eventually save you and your family’s life so that you are not in the middle of a storm.

#2. Pack a Rainfly

A rainfly is essential to the tent setup. It is a waterproof tarp that covers the tent and prevents rain from hitting the tent roof directly. 

Also, it adds additional protection to the tent in case of a hailstorm.

#3. Pack More Processed Foods

It would be wise to pack more processed foods because there would be wet grounds and less likely opportunity to make a fire.

This action will save you the time you will cook the conventional way. Also, the rainfall will leave the firewood wet and unable to light appropriately.

Consequently, you will have to dry them before you can cook. But, it would be impossible if it rains through the activity.

So, this leaves processed foods like canned beef, baked beans, tuna, bread, milk, and other varieties.

#4. Stay Uphill or on High Ground

The best place to stay when it is raining is on high ground. Staying downhill will increase the risk of getting immersed in water during rainfall.

So, the best thing to do when setting up a tent is to find the highest position possible. If not, you might wake up on the stream after heavy rainfall.

#5. Pack Warm Clothing

Pack lots of warm clothing for the weather to avoid catching a cold. Remember the hats, gloves, and socks for sleeping.

#6. Prepare For Indoor Games

The fun of camping might be in the majority of outdoor activities. However, you can improvise when it is raining. For now, stick to indoor games like cards, scrabble, and chess.

You can play these games in your tents without interference from the rain.

#7. Get Waterproof Packs For Storing Clothes And Electronics

Waterproof protection will save you a lot of damage. Using waterproof packs to store clothes and electronic gadgets is a great idea.

This action will protect your clothes and gadgets from getting wet and eventually going bad. You can improvise with Ziploc bags too.

#8. Tarp Is Your Best Friend

The tarp is waterproof for a reason; protection from water and moisture. It is crucial when going camping during rainfall.

It is advisable to place the tarp on the tent’s floor before you place your sleeping bags. This way, you will not wake up immersed in rainwater.

#9. Do Not Forget the Gadgets

Power banks and flashlights are crucial to this outdoor quest. Ensure to bring lots of lighting and extra batteries.

Also, it would be best to bring solar-powered gadgets.

#10. Do Not Leave Out the Fun

The first thought when going camping is fun. So, it would be sad if you packed all the right gear and left out the fun.

Ensure to have as much fun as possible and have a blast. You could consider playing in the rain too. The feeling is unmatched.

Is Camping More Fun When It’s Raining?

Saying that camping is more fun when it rains depends on your definition of fun. If you are an introvert who loves indoors, camping in the rain is perfect.

On the other hand, if you are more outgoing and prefer outdoor activities, you will think the rain is a killjoy.

Nonetheless, the two categories of people can enjoy camping despite the rain. It would help if you played more board games.

Also, games like truth or dare, ask me anything or a game of cards will suffice. You do not need to be active throughout the camping.

Take some time off to relax and eliminate all the games and noises. After all, it is an excellent opportunity to declutter your mind and appreciate nature.

Here is a table that shows the Pros and cons of camping when it is raining:

It could provide more indoor time for intimacy and bonding.Extroverts might find it boring.
It leads to cool weather.The temperature could drop too low at night.

Can a Camping Tent Protect You From Raina?

Yes, a camping tent can protect you from rain. However, there is no harm in getting additional protection. One may not know the intensity of the rain, so it is best to be safe.

It would help if you got a tent with a vestibule. This way, you can watch the rain as it falls with a bit of opening.

A vestibule is a flap-like extension just above the door of the tent. To purchase a tent with a waterproof vestibule, check this out.

It would be best to close all other openings to protect you from the rain. When you are inside the tent, ensure to zip it properly.

What Should You Do When It Starts Raining While Camping?

You can do a few things once you notice that it is about to rain while camping. These steps can protect your belongings from getting wet and nasty.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • First, remove all clothes from the line [if clothes were hanging out to dry]
  • Secondly, pack all your belongings into the tent away from the rain.
  • Wrap all gadgets in a Ziploc and store them correctly for additional protection.
  • Before you go about doing these things, ensure to wear your rain gear- raincoat and rain boot.
  • Remove your rain gear before you enter the tent to avoid getting dirt inside.
  • Finally, you can take a good nap or play some games. 

How Much Rain Is Too Much For Camping In The Rain?

If a heavy downpour meets you outside, you will agree with me that things might go south quickly. It is also applicable to camping in extreme weather conditions.

For instance, it is unsafe to go camping during a thunderstorm. This way, you will be safe from floods and tree felling, even getting struck by lightning.

The weather is the reason why you need to check your forecast beforehand. If you want to go camping for three days, check the predictions for the next three days.

Of course, adapting to light showers and a little downpour for a few hours is possible. Unfortunately, it will be unwise to head out with the probability of a looming thunderstorm.

It will help if you prioritize your and your family’s safety. This rule also means you must have your best interest at heart before all the fun.

Tips And Tricks For Fun Camping In the Rain

Suppose you want to have a blast while camping is not rocket science. It requires proper planning and dedication. Consequently, there are so many tricks to have fun while camping.

If you are a regular camper, you will have loads of experience. However, this is just for you if you are new to the outdoors.

Here are a few tips and tricks for fun camping in the rain:

#1. Go Camping with People You Love

Except if it is a new hike group or you are new at the office, it is best to go hiking with people you love.

This way, you can spend quality time with them and grow intimately acquitted with them.

#2. Limit the Use of Gadgets And Devices

Cell phones and other technology significantly cause a rift between individuals. However, camping is a great time to connect with actual people.

Therefore, it would be a great idea to limit the use of other gadgets.

#3. Play as Much Games As Possible

Playing lots of games is another trick to having fun during a rainy camp day. As much as the condition can allow, ensure to indulge in healthy games.

#4. Limit the Outdoor Movement

To be safe, limiting your movement while it is raining is best. This way, your life will not be at risk.

#5. Bond, Share, And Listen

Finally, pay attention to every detail. This period is perfect for unburdening the mind from worries. Feel free to share and savor every moment; in the end, you will be grateful for the time.

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