Can You Hike To Hollywood Sign? (Must Know This)

Can You Hike To Hollywood Sign

When you think of Hollywood, you think about glamour and fame. It’s a place everyone wants to go and dreams about, even getting a picture with the sign.

Hollywood scenery is a lovely place to visit; it is a landmark and an iconic historical place. So, therefore, many people love to visit and take in the scenery.

However, as an avid hiker, you want to know if you can take this beautiful scenery and hike to the Hollywood sign.

Yes, you can hike to the Hollywood sign. However, you can’t get too close to it to avoid getting arrested, but you should be close enough to take a picture with the sign. Different trailheads are available for you to hike through to the Hollywood sign, which varies in difficulty level. However, hiking there should take approximately 2-3 hours round trip.

In this article, I’ll explain whether you can hike to the Hollywood sign and, if yes, how to do that. I’ll also explain how long it will take you to get there with different ways to get there.

By the end, you’ll know if you can hike to the Hollywood sign and which hike takes you closest to the sign. You’ll also know how to get there quickly.

Can I Hike Up to the Hollywood Sign?

Can You Hike To Hollywood Sign

You can hike up to the Hollywood sign but can’t get too close to it. Getting too close to it is an offense and could get you arrested, but hiking close enough to get a picture is possible.

To hike up to the Hollywood sign, you have to think about a trailhead that will get you close to the sign. You also have to decide if you want to see the sign from the back or the front.

There are several trailheads you can hike through to get to this sign. However, they vary in difficulty when hiking through to get to the Hollywood sign.

That’s because the Hollywood sign sits on top of a mountain known as Mount Lee. When hiking to the Hollywood sign, you should know when to take the hike because it’s in a park.

It is in a park known as Griffith Park. So, knowing when the park is open is vital to know when to make the trip so you can visit this iconic historical place. 

Although the park is open 24 hours, it’s best to get your hiking in during the day, and once it’s 10 pm, the park closes.

When hiking to this sign, you must get close to the trailhead to hike through, and with residents complaining, it can be challenging.

While you may think driving close to the trailhead and then making the hike is good, there may be better options. 

That’s because you might have challenges trying to park. If you get one, you need a parking permit so parking can be a hassle. 

It might be better to take an uber to the trailhead, then begin the hike. If you can sort out when to take this hike and parking issues, you are good to make the hike to the Hollywood sign.

You don’t need a special kit to hike to the Hollywood sign because it is relatively easy. However, it would help if you prepared, so it wouldn’t hurt to pack for your hike.

You should wear hiking boots, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and GPS to avoid missing the road. Remember to take lots of water along to stay hydrated.

Is the Public Allowed To Hike To the Hollywood Sign? 

Yes, the public can hike close to the Hollywood sign but can get too close to it. It is against the law, and this law is in place because of vandalism on the sign.

You will get arrested if you get too close to the sign or try to jump over the gate. You will have to pay a fine for trespassing or go to jail.

However, the public can hike close enough to the Hollywood sign to take a picture. 

The table below lists some trails the public can hike to get to the Hollywood sign.

Hollywood trail.Open.
Cahuenga peak trail.Open.
Beechwood drive entrance.Close
Sunset ranch.Close.
Canyon drive trail.Open.
Burbank Peak Trail.Open.
Hinsdale drive.Open.

Here is how you can hike to the Hollywood sign from different trailheads.

#1. Canyon Drive Trail

This trail leads you to the Hollywood sign if you want to hike. It’s the go-to trailhead for hikers after the Sunset ranch was closed.

This trail is easy to hike if you are an experienced hiker, but it can be a little difficult if you do not have experience. 

This trail is near Lake Hollywood Park and has free parking. However, finding a parking space here might be challenging because many people use this trail.

Start walking down the drive till you get to Mulholland Highway and pass behind Deronda gate. This journey should take at most 10 minutes from Canyon lake drive.

You can also go through the Deronda gate during the day. Then you’ll hike along Mt. Lee Drive on pavement and dirt for about 30 minutes till you get close to the Hollywood sign.

#2. Griffith Observatory

Hiking to the Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory is pretty challenging. First, you must pass through the Mt. Hollywood trail to get to the sign.

You have free parking at Griffith Observatory till noon. After that, you can access the Mt. Hollywood trail at the Observatory parking lot’s north end.

You’ll reach the Berlin forest about half a mile into your hike. Then, get to Dante’s view in another half a mile.

You can take in the view while there. You’ll find the Hollywood sign about a quarter of a mile up the trail. 

#3. Brush Canyon Trail

From Canyon Drive end to Mt. Lee summit is about six miles; from there, you can view the Hollywood sign. 

This hike is known as the Brush canyon trail and is relatively easy if you have experience with hiking.

So it would help if you took lots of water along when going through this trail for a hike to the Hollywood sign. 

#4. Cahuenga Peak Trail

If you are an experienced hiker, you can take this hike. Start from the Burbank peak trail and head to the Wisdom tree.

Then continue down Aileen Getty Ridge Trail till you get to Cahuenga peak trail. This trail leads you to Mt. Lee; you can see the Hollywood sign. 

How Long Does It Take to Hike up to the Hollywood Sign? 

It depends on what trail you take to get to the Hollywood sign. It can be an hour, two, or more. If you decide to take a shorter trail, the trail may be difficult because of your experience.

So your experience can affect how long it takes you to hike to the Hollywood sign. It should take an hour from Lake Hollywood Park to hike up to the Hollywood sign.

The table below shows the different trails and the miles it takes to hike up the Hollywood sign.

TrailDistance in miles
Mount Hollywood Trail.3 miles.
Brush Canyon Trail.3 miles.
Cahuenga Peak Trail.6 miles.
Hinsdale Trail.4.3 miles.
Lake Hollywood Trail.3 miles.

What Is the Easiest Way to Get to the Hollywood Sign?

Hollyridge trail is the easiest trail you can take to get to the Hollywood sign. Although it is currently closed, it is the most accessible trail.

At the end of the hiking trail is the Cahuenga trail; you’ll get to the back of the Hollywood sign. It shouldn’t take you about two hours.

The Lake Hollywood Trail is the easiest trail that is still open to get to the Hollywood sign. The sign is close to the trail, so it’s the easiest.

Which Hike Gets You Closest to the Hollywood Sign?

If you want a closer view of the Hollywood sign from the front, go with the Hinsdale trail. It will take you to the front of the sign, and you can get a good picture shot from there.

This trail isn’t easy to make, but it should be easy if you have experience hiking.

Although the Mt. Lee hike will also take you close to the Hollywood sign, it will lead you to the back of the sign.

So if you want the front view of the Hollywood sign, use the Innsdale trail. If you want to view it from the back, it’s the Mt. Lee hike.

These two trail hike gets you closest to the Hollywood sign, so it’s up to you to decide which view you want.

You should know that just because these trails will take you closest to the Hollywood sign doesn’t mean it is the easiest.

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