Can You Poop in A Camping Toilet? (Read This First)

Can You Poop in a Camping Toilet

Sometimes nature calls at inconvenient times and locations, like when you’re camping and miles away from home. 

When this happens, answering the call and finding the nearest restroom is essential. Disposing of human waste anywhere in a campground is illegal as it poses a risk to the environment. 

However, portable camping toilets are available for campers to bring along. That said, can you poop in a camping toilet?

Yes, you can poop in a camping toilet. Instead of leaving a dump on the campsite, camping toilets allow you to ease yourself of bodily waste. Camping toilets are portable and easy to use. When the indicator notifies you that the waste tank is full, you can empty it at the site’s authorized disposal point. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to use a camping toilet properly. I’ll give you some tips that’ll come in handy when handling a camping toilet.

Can You Use the Camping Toilet?

Can You Poop in a Camping Toilet

Yes, you can use camping toilets. If you’re planning a camping trip, consider using a camping toilet. 

These portable toilets are easy to use, making them an excellent option for camping adventures.

The camping toilet has two sections; the cassette and the flush valve. The cassette is where your poop or urine goes, and the flush valve is the part that holds water.

The camping toilet also has a level indicator that notifies you when the cassette is full. You can easily detach the cassette from the toilet to empty the content when it is full. 

In addition, there are usually waste disposal points on the campsite where you can dump your waste.

You need to be aware of some tips when using camping toilets. One of those tips is never to put your camping toilet close to food or food equipment.

Storing your camping toilet close to food or food equipment may cause cross-contamination

Also, it would be best to always have rubber gloves on when handling your camping toilet. 

Always wash your hands after handling a camp toilet, even if you use rubber gloves. There’s nothing like being too careful; you don’t want to contract a disease.

Never use regular toilet paper in your camping toilet. Regular toilet paper will cause a blockage in your camping toilet.

Instead of using regular toilet paper, you should use RV toilet paper. RV toilet paper is specifically for camping toilets because they are soft and easily dissolvable.

It would be best to carry a toilet disinfectant when going on a camping trip. After emptying its waste content, you’ll need this disinfectant to get rid of the germs in the cassette.

Here are some of the best disinfectants for camping toilets:

  • Clorox toilet bowl cleaner
  • Scrubbing bubbles powder stain destroyer
  • Tru-earth eco strips toilet bowl cleaner
  • Lysol power toilet bowl cleaner
  • Clorox Scentiva disinfecting wipes 

How Much Weight Can a Camping Toilet Hold?    

A standard camping toilet can hold up to 17 kg of waste. Camping toilets always have level indicators that tell you how full the waste holding tank is.

The level indicator flashes red or black light when the waste holding tank is full. You can find a waste disposal point at your campsite to eliminate the waste.

After completely emptying the waste in the tank, the level indicator will default to green light. 

Therefore, you should frequently empty the waste in the camping toilet before it becomes full. 

Your camping toilet may eventually break down if you keep waiting for it to fill up to the brim before disposal. 

Do you Put Toilet Paper in the Camping Toilet?     

Yes, you can put toilet paper in your camping toilet. However, you should only make use of toilet paper that is specifically for camping toilets.

Using regular toilet paper for your camping toilet may cause a blockage, or the toilet may even break down. Unlike regular toilet paper, RV toilet paper is soft and easily dissolvable in a flush. 

Here is a list of some of the best RV toilet paper brands to purchase.

#1. Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper

A pack of Scott dissolving toilet paper contains 48 rolls. The toilet paper dissolves very quickly and doesn’t clog the toilet.

The Scott rapid-dissolving toilet paper is gentle on the skin and relatively inexpensive. The only downside to this mega-value toilet paper is that it might need to be thicker.

 You can purchase this toilet paper on Amazon.

#2. Boat and RV Toilet Paper

Boat and RV toilet papers have the best quality and balance between being soft and firm. These toilet papers are gentle on the skin while doing their job correctly. 

The one downside is that although boat and RV toilet paper packs are cheap, the rolls need to be bigger. 

#3. Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

Aqua-soft toilet tissues are perfect for camping toilets because they are soft, easily dissolvable, and 100% biodegradable.

You can purchase the Aqua soft toilet tissue on Amazon for $0.46 per 100 sheets.

How Do You Get Rid of Waste in a Camping Toilet?         

You’ll need to use some materials to get rid of the waste in your camping toilet. Here is a table to show the materials you need and why you need them.

Rubber glovesTo protect hands from getting stains or germs.
WaterTo clean the cassette of the camping toilet.
Toilet disinfectantTo get rid of the bacteria in the camping toilet after disposing of the waste.
BucketTo carry the water, you’ll use it to wash the cassette.

The first thing to do is find an authorized disposal point to dispose of your waste. Dumping your waste just anywhere on the campsite may attract a fine.

These waste disposal points can be challenging as there are usually no signposts. Therefore, find out where the waste disposal point is right at the beginning of your trip.

Put your rubber gloves on and detach the storage unit for the waste (cassette) from the portable toilet. You can read the instructions manual of the toilet to detach the cassette.

Some portable camping toilets have wheels attached so you can easily transport them. You can wheel the cassette to the waste disposal point on the campsite.

If your camping toilet has no wheels, you must carry it by hand. It would be best to be cautious when carrying the cassette so that the content does not spill.

When you reach the disposal point, remove the pouring cap on the cassette and release the air vents. Pour out the waste container into the waste disposal point.

Be careful when pouring the waste so it doesn’t splash on you. Once you finish emptying the content, you should wash the cassette.

Use the hose provided at the disposal point to fill the cassette with water and cover it up before shaking it. If you can’t find a hose, get a bucket and find a water source to fill it up.

Transfer the water from the bucket into the waste holding tank and tighten the cap. Place your two hands on the sides of the cassette and shake it repeatedly to get every bit of waste.

Pour out the wastewater into the disposal point. Refill the cassette with water and then shake it again. 

Once satisfied with the cassette’s cleanliness, attach the pouring cap and cover the air vents. 

Carry the cassette back to your camper and clean it with a disinfectant to eliminate germs. 

Assemble the cassette with the rest of the camping toilet parts. Please fill the flush valve with fresh water for when you need to take a dump, then finally store it in your camper.

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