Can You Pre-Scramble Eggs For Camping? (Must Know This)

Can You Pre-scramble Eggs for Camping

One of the major tasks of camping trips is preparing what to eat around the campfire. 

Since camping is an outdoor adventure, you cannot get your meals as usual; you’ll have to go light most of the time. 

As such, scrambled eggs, pop-tarts, and other light edibles are the only daily meals that survive camping trips. 

However, the bone of contention remains with preparing eggs not to make a mess when you cook. Can you pre-scramble eggs for your camping?

You can pre-scramble eggs to make a great start to your day while camping. While camping, you can crack and whisk all the eggs you can take to your campsite while adding salt and seasonings. This way, you can avoid breaking your eggs in your bag or cooler and making a total mess of things before cooking. 

Before you go head-on with your day camping activities, get your meal right. I’ll share one common way of preparing your eggs to avoid waste. 

You’ll learn to pre-scramble and properly store your eggs for your camping parade. Let’s get started! 

Can I Scramble Eggs Ahead of Time for Camping?

Can You Pre-scramble Eggs for Camping

Of course, you can scramble your eggs way ahead of time for camping. The big deal is with handling and properly storing them. 

Camping is tricky as you begin considering what meal you’ll eat and what should remain beside you. Scrambled eggs are your one sure bet. 

Scrambled eggs are the easiest of all camping breakfasts and the surest to survive the camp trip.

Since you can crack your eggs and store them in a fridge, you can scramble them ahead of time for camping. 

The night before the camping is an excellent time to prepare scrambled eggs ahead of the camping time.

You have nothing to worry about with your eggs scrambled, well-seasoned, and stored correctly in a reliable jar or sturdy bottle

Zip-top bags are also a good option for holding scrambled eggs way ahead of time. Click here to get one at Walmart.

Whether you’re headed to a national park or a particular camping site, scrambling your eggs ahead of time is a good call. 

Pre-scrambling your eggs ahead of time for camping is one way to be sure of the safety of your eggs. 

Scrambling your eggs ahead of time for camping involves cracking and whisking your eggs with the necessary ingredients. 

It also involves devising the best way to store and preserve the eggs. This way, you worry less about breaking your eggs while camping.  

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to properly scramble your eggs ahead of time for camping.

  • Crack the eggs you desire.
  • Dice them with seasonings as usual (salt, pepper, sliced onion, shredded cheese, etc.).
  • Pour them into a zip-top bag and store them in your freezer or camping cooler.

How Do You Store Pre-Scrambled Eggs for Camping?

The best way to store your pre-scrambled eggs is to freeze them in a zip-top bag ahead of the camping. 

Just as refrigeration is a suitable preservation method for many edible substances, the same applies to pre-scrambled eggs for camping.  

While camping, it is essential to put effort into planning your meals for your camp, and in planning, breakfast is a must-do. 

Yes, eggs are suitable for camping trips and couldn’t be more of a snap to prepare. However, they present a problem concerning safely storing them. 

Eggs crack and can make a mess of your stuff if you do not correctly handle and store them. 

Also, the oozing smell will be all over your things if you don’t store them correctly.

You can freeze the eggs in a zip-top bag way ahead of time for camping. However, there’s another way to store pre-scrambled eggs without needing refrigeration. 

Another way to store pre-scrambled eggs is in a sturdy bottle or a jar with a reliable lid. With a good sturdy bottle or a reliable jar, you can be sure of the safety of your pre-scrambled eggs. 

You could box the sturdy bottle or jar inside your cooler box and retrieve it as needed.

It is a bad practice to store pre-scrambled eggs in hard plastic bags. Often, it makes a mess as it only sometimes comes out smooth. 

In conclusion, freezing the pre-scrambled eggs is the most preferred of the two methods of storing pre-scrambled eggs. 

The simple reason is that it allows for cooking and frying the eggs. In contrast, the second method allows only frying of the pre-scrambled eggs.

How Long Do Scrambled Eggs Last in a Cooler?

Scrambled eggs stored in a cooler can last 2-3 days without getting spoiled. Scrambled eggs are unlike unpeeled hard-boiled eggs that last up to a week in a cooler or refrigerated environment. 

However, how long scrambled eggs will last in a cooler depends on two factors. Firstly, how they are stored, and secondly, what ingredients you use to prepare them. 

Preferably, scrambled should be stored in a cooler at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. 

However, you can still get the original flavor and texture when you store scrambled eggs correctly.

Also, while scrambling eggs beforehand, it is best not to dice too many ingredients. However, eating your scrambled egg within 24 hours is best to be safe. 

It is unhealthy to keep scrambled eggs out for up to two hours. As you already know, food substances left out in the open are prone to bacteria contamination. 

Under room temperature, the bacteria will grow and multiply, causing food poisoning

However, under a more relaxed environment like coolers and refrigerators, chances of bacterial attack are slim, not to mention bacteria growth. 

The table below shows the pros and cons of scrambled eggs for camping trips.

Pros Cons 
Scrambled eggs are light-weighted and easy to carry around.Requires quality prep time. 
Easy to use.Scrambled eggs can be very messy to handle and clean.
Scrambled eggs require little space for storage.Scrambled eggs can quickly go bad.
Scrambled eggs retain other options’ original taste, flavor, and texture.Scrambled eggs require extra effort to store them.

What Other Camping Foods Can You Make Ahead of Time?

Quick pastries and snacks are generally the categories of camping foods you can make beforehand. 

So, aside from scrambled eggs, several other camping foods are good to prepare ahead of camping time. 

Snacks and pastries like pancakes, salsas, apple chips, campfire queso, and many more are camping foods you can make beforehand. 

Also, quick meals such as mashed potato, burritos, overnight oats, Mexican coleslaw, and salads are all meals that will go just well. 

Furthermore, you make several other camping food options ahead of time, even for a whole family. 

Chili is excellent for outdoor cookouts, but white turkey and poblano chili will settle your meal for the day. 

Amazingly, you can prepare a white turkey and poblano chili and pack them in containers ahead of camping time.

Another simple pre-made camping food for you is beef burgers. The list continues down to chicken with black bean nachos. Click here to explore your options.

However, what you prepare ahead of time depends on what meal of the day you wish to have. 

Some meals are custom for certain times of the day. For this reason, scrambled eggs are an excellent choice for camping trips. 

Scrambled eggs are a versatile dish that you can make for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Plus, preparing scrambled eggs is more a snap of a finger. 

The table below shows a list of quick camping foods you can prepare before your camping time.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner 
Pancakes Noodle cupsSalmon and veggies
Blueberry muffins Pasta saladMashed potato
Overnight oatsCheese Sandwich Paella
Banana breadPuff pastry Mac N Cheese
Breakfast burritoMexican coleslawPoblano Chili 
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