My Dropper Post Is Too High! (Causes & Solutions

My Dropper Post Is Too High

The height of your dropper post is important when choosing a post for your bicycle.

If you’re using a higher-height post, you can adjust your dropper post’s height to fit the width of your bike. 

If you’re using a lower height post, you’ll have to adjust the height of your dropper post to accommodate the width of your bike. A high-quality dropper post is sturdy and easy to install. 

Pull the lever and cable slack attached to the post if you’re looking for less height for your dropper post. Dropper posts are usually 1-1/4 inches tall; you might not need that height for some in-town trips and leisure rides. If you reduce them, ensure they are securely attached to the frame. 

How High Should My Dropper Post Be?

My Dropper Post Is Too High

It might take time to set your saddle height because it depends on your length, especially your legs and your preference.

Nevertheless, remember that your heel must contact the bottom pedal allowing your leg to extend without you having to lean to either side fully.

Thus, when peddling, your knees will bend slightly at least. Setting your dropper post accurately will help prevent joint pains and ensure comfortable pedaling.

Therefore, if your legs cannot extend fully while pedaling, raise your saddle a bit to ensure that you can pedal comfortably while on it.

However, lower your seats if your hips rotate sideways to prevent leaning while pedaling.

Your dropper post’s height will also largely depend on your riding. A shorter post will be optimal if you’re a beginner who rides recreationally or on urban technical trails.

On the other hand, if you’re a pro who rides in races or on gravity runs, you should look for a longer post to optimize steering and handling.

However, although dropper posts are different in the leg and top tube dimensions, they all work the same way.

By attaching your saddle directly to the post, you’re allowing gravity to assist your body weight in moving the saddle down into the right spot on your pedal stroke for the most efficient pedaling action.

How Do You Reduce the Height of a Dropper Post?

You reduce the height of a dropper post by pulling the lever and cable slack attached to the post.

You need to reduce your dropper post’s height because you might need to be at a lower level while threading steep terrain.

So you could move your body easily around the bicycle. Modern bicycles have a cable hose attaching the handlebar and the post.

This cable works hand in hand with the lever. The cable shouldn’t be stuck if you want the dropper to go up or down.

That way, you only have to adjust the post to change its height without getting down.

Can I Use My Dropper Post at Any Height?

If you’re having problems with your fork bottoming out or getting stuck when changing direction, there is excess interference between the fork blades and your tire.

While most folks will cut their dropper post to fit, a higher than normal drop can cause issues such as leaks, broken disk brakes, and even punctures.

Make sure you have enough space between your fork blades and your tires to allow for clearance.

Another thing to consider is the top tube size of your bike. Chances are good that you’re an endurance rider or a roadie who rides long distances if you’re reading this.

Most endurance bikes will have a dropper post mounted closer to the front instead of the back, where road bikers normally mount them to save weight. 

So many factors come into play when setting up your dropper post that it’s hard to know which height to begin.

If you’re like most people and want to ensure your saddle is comfortable, we recommend starting with the dropper seat heights.

Why Is My Dropper Post Stuck?

If you have a dropper post on your bike, but it’s not working properly, it is stuck because there is insufficient tension on the cable.

You must check your cable’s tightness and reset it for the dropper post to work well. But while adjusting, ensure it isn’t too tight or would still be rendered effective.

The post should always move once you touch the lever, up or down. You can also lube it or get a new internal cartridge if it doesn’t. 

If your dropper post persists, try it outside the bike and ensure your cables are routed correctly with no connection difficulties at the lever.

Nevertheless, having a dropper is an awesome accessory that allows you to tailor your ride accordingly.

Examples of Dropper Posts

Let’s see various types of dropper posts.

Syncros Duncan Dropper 2.0$230
PNW Loam$199
OneUp V2$209
BikeYoke Revive 2.0$330
e*thirteen Vario Infinite$209
RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 X1$400
Fox Transfer Performance Elite:$309
9Point8 Fall Line$349
Crankbrothers Highline XC/Grave$250 

How To Install Dropper Post?

The first step to installing a dropper post is finding a spot on your bike frame where you can mount the post.

The best place is usually at the top of the seat tube so that the post rests between your legs while riding.

There are other mounting options, but they’re more complicated and less reliable than posts mounted on the seat tube. 

  • If you want to try them out, ensure you understand how they work before mounting them on your bike. 
  • Next, attach your dropper post with clamps or zip ties to the seat tube. 
  • Then, thread the cable through the frame for secure placement and tighten it with an Allen wrench. 
  • Finally, adjust your dropper post’s height with a wrench or an Allen key until it’s level with your saddle.

The control lever can mount on the handlebars or seat post. It should be easily accessible for riders of all sizes and positions.

The most common methods for installing a dropper post are:

1. Attaching it to the seat tube 

2. Attaching it to both the seat post and seat tube

3. Attaching it to the down tube

4. Attaching it to both the down tube and Seat post

5. Attaching it directly to the bottom bracket area of your drivetrain

6. Attaching it to your frame using eyelets

7. Using a shock mount system that attaches to your frame or fork like a bottle cage

8. Use an adapter that attaches directly to your front wheel but not your entire bike, allowing you to adjust the tension from your saddle only.


A dropper post is just a saddle that allows riders to easily adjust their saddle height without removing their feet from the ground.

Recently, riders have used the dropper post to climb and descend hills easily. Dropper posts are also present in road bikes and allow you to be agile about how you wish to ride.

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