How Much Does a BMX Bike Cost? (Let’s Find Out)

How Much Does a BMX Bike Cost

If you are a sporty person or outdoors lover, having a BMX bike is a great addition to your collection.

It is best for riding outdoors and helps you burn a few calories while strengthening your calf muscles.

If you have an interest in bikes, you may wonder how much a BMX bike costs. However, there’s no need to panic, as you can get the answers you seek if you keep reading.

The cost of a BMX bike varies within the range of $200-1500$. However, determining the cost of BMX bikes depends on a few factors. For example, a BMX bike will be more expensive if it has more costly parts or if you wish to upgrade it. Hence, the more you customize the bike, the more the parts will cost.

In this article, you will find out the cost of purchasing a BMX bike and its components. 

By the end, you will also know if you can buy one with a few hundred dollars and little bodywork or have one on the go. 

What Is the Average Cost of a BMX Bike?

How Much Does a BMX Bike Cost

There are several factors to consider regarding the cost of a BMX bike. For example, the brand, the model, upgraded parts, and specific use.

Also, you may not get the exact requirements for a new bike. Ultimately, you will have to add some parts and do some work. 

If you like to do the upgrade yourself or with your kids, it’s a great idea to bond.

However, the average cost of a BMX bike could be $300. This price is suitable for brand-new BMX bikes or even hand-me-downs.

Consequently, I will explain several factors that affect the cost of a BMX bike.

Here is a list of factors that affect the cost of a BMX bike:

  • The brand or model
  • Specific use
  • Upgrading the parts
  • Your budget
  • Your riding experience

#1. The Brand or Model

Each brand that manufactures BMX bikes is unique and ensures to distinguish their products from others. In addition, this variation also accounts for the difference in the price ranges.

Another thing to note is that the more popular the brand, the more costly it will likely be.

It’ll be best to go for other upcoming brands than the high-end ones if you want to work with a budget of $300.

If you want to work effectively with your budget, you must know how far you will go. However, you can get the best products available if you want to go all out on your bike purchase.

For instance, if you are willing to get the best experience in bike riding, you can go for the BMX bike the salesperson recommends.

But, of course, you must have sufficient knowledge about the bike’s brand so that you are not in a fix.

#2. Specific Use

There are different types of BMX bikes for various uses. For example, some are best for beginners and others for extreme bikers or mountain climbers.

So, before you know the BMX bike’s cost, you must first know its particular use

For instance, it is absurd to buy a mountain bike for a kid starting with riding. First, they do not possess the expertise to ride such complex bikes, and they lack experience.

Ultimately, the bike’s potential will be dormant, and you will not get your money’s worth.

#3. Upgrading the Parts

Upgrading the bike parts is a crucial factor affecting a BMX bike’s cost. For instance, if you intend to upgrade the parts, buying the most basic bike is best.

This way, you can purchase additional parts, and nothing will go to waste.

On the other hand, it is unwise to get a complex BMX bike when you intend to change the parts. Apart from the depletion of the price, it may be more difficult to locate a buyer.

In addition, you may give off a negative impression that you stole the bike and want to salvage the parts. 

Consequently, getting one without many parts and then beginning installation will be best.

If you intend to build a mountain bike, install a spinning handlebar and an additional brake pad.

But, of course, there is a list of other parts you can add to customize the BMX bike further.

#4. Your Budget

It is best to have a budget in mind when you want to purchase a product. Also, the budget helps you to curb overspending and gives you an estimate of how much you’re willing to spend.

However, it is best to have a budget only after you decide on the type of BMX bike you are willing to buy. 

For instance, you cannot budget $200 when you haven’t decided on getting a mountain bike.

The reason is that most mountain bikes are more expensive than beginner bikes. Consequently, it is best to consider these things before setting a budget.

#5. Your Riding Experience

If you want to achieve the best outdoor experience, purchasing a mountain or dirt bike is best. A normal BMX bike can serve that purpose if you want to ride around the neighborhood.

Also, it would help if you knew that the more complex the bike, the more costly it will be. Subsequently, your riding experience should greatly influence the choice of BMX bike.

What Are the Costs of Different BMX Bikes?

From the beginning of this article, one obvious fact is that the cost of BMX bikes depends on certain factors. However, you may wonder about the costs of different BMX bikes.

The costs of different BMX bikes can vary between $300-$1500. The reason is that the cost of different types of BMX bikes varies. For instance, you can purchase a mountain bike for $500.

On the other hand, you can purchase a basic bike for $300. Another thing to know is that the cost of the different BMX bikes depends on the parts.

The reason is that the bike parts are from different materials according to the rider’s requirements. 

For example, an aluminum frame could be for someone who prefers lightweight bikes. Consequently, there are no specific prices for the BMX bikes. 

It can range from $300-$1500. You can purchase it as long as it is within your budget and you have a specific use.

Since there are different BMX bikes and their various prices, here are a few BMX bikes and their cost.

Here is a table showing the different BMX bikes and their prices:

BMX BikePrice
Elite BMX 20″$220
Elite BMX 16″$250
SE PK Ripper$350
SE PK Fly$400

Are BMX Bikes High Maintenance?

BMX bikes are high-maintenance vehicles. They require a lot of maintenance and routine checks to function effectively.

Since you use them for a lot of trail riding, they are prone to a few tears that need repair occasionally.

Also, the handlebars and brake pads require some oiling and cleaning. The tires also need pumping and fixing when it gets bad. 

For a BMX bike, you need to clean and check the parts as often as possible to avoid getting in accidents. If any part of the BMX bike malfunctions, the entire bike gets compromised.

In addition, dirt, debris, and other particles are responsible for malfunctioning parts. Consequently, it would help if you cleaned the BMX bike after every ride.

This task might be daunting for busy people unwilling to spend so much time with their bikes. However, the maintenance process can be therapeutic and give a sense of accomplishment.

In turn, this boosts your confidence and helps you to be more productive.

Additionally, if you are new to riding and feel lost during your BMX bike maintenance, there is no need to be.

Nowadays, a plethora of information is available online, from changing your handlebars to cleaning your BMX bike effectively.

You can check YouTube and download videos from expert handypersons that know their way with gadgets. Luckily, a few hundred, if not thousands, videos are available for viewing.

Finally, one crucial thing to note is that BMX bikes are high-maintenance. If you want to purchase the bike, ensure you are ready for the following expenses.

For example, you must change the tires as soon as they puncture or at least once in three months. This way, your bike will function effectively, and you can maximize your purchase.

How Much Are BMX Bike Parts?

The price of BMX bike parts ranges from $10-$1000. The price can differ because of their materials and production.

For instance, the bike’s seat may cost less than the tires because foam is readily available. Also, the frame will cost more than the brake pad because of the type of material and the use.

For example, the frame consists of the entire bike’s skeleton. On the other hand, the brake pad is just a small part.

Nonetheless, you can get a brake pad for $50 and the tires for $100. However, the price might vary due to certain factors you may know by now.

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