Are ABD BMX Bikes Good? (In-Depth Review)

Are ABD BMX Bikes Good

BMX bikes serve entry-level and professional riders. These bikes have a variety of uses and have grown in reputation since the late 1970s

Every BMX bike has its purpose; any good rider can unlock their full abilities. As you read, you’ll understand why these bikes are good. 

The best use of BMX bikes is for performing tricks and stunts similar to those in motocross competitions. In addition, they act as tutorial bikes for those who might not afford a motorcycle. BMX bikes are also good for racing short distances and off-road races that require jumps and other stunts.

In this article, you’ll learn the capabilities of BMX bikes and why they are so good. Reading on, you’ll also discover some of the best types of BMX bikes.

Furthermore, the article will highlight how to identify a good BMX bike serving your needs. 

Are ABD BMX Bikes Good?

Are ABD BMX Bikes Good

ADB BMX bikes are great bikes for executing stunts and off-road racing. In addition, the design of these bikes makes them perfect for tricks and short-distance racing.

The common features you can find on BMX bikes include;

  • Small frame
  • Firm geometry
  • Lower wheelbase 
  • Shorter height

The above features make BMX bikes excellent for doing tricks and riding short distances. In addition, these bikes are strong enough to endure difficult off-road terrain.

Initially, manufacturers made these bikes to reel in more motocross fans. However, the bike eventually became so popular that it started its sport.

The low frame of the BMX enables freer bike movement and maneuvering. These frames are products of light and dense metals. 

The frame allows riders to navigate tight corners and jump gaps easily. 

Additionally, BMX bikes feature elevated handlebars that curve outwards. Since the bike is low, they must raise the handlebars so riders can easily cycle.

A low handlebar will make the ride uncomfortable and tiring. However, the high curving handlebars lessen slouching in riders, so their backs remain relaxed.

BMX bikes have rising front-ends and low rear-ends. The two ends work well and help the rider maintain more influence and control to perform stunts, jumps, and tricks.

The reputation of these bikes grew so much that they had to introduce various sports disciplines.

The following are some sports activities done with BMX bikes.

#1. Racing

Racing was the original BMX sport that started the trend of bikes. Racers would compete against each other with these bikes on dirt or tarmac tracks.

On these tracks, riders face jumps, tight bends, and pump jumps. In addition, BMX racing bikes have lengthy frames with tires featuring numerous treads to facilitate better control.

#2. Dirt Trails

This BMX sport discipline is akin to racing, but riders execute tricks and stunts instead of competing for the fastest.

Dirt trails mostly focus on style, technique, and wide, steep jumps. As a result, dirt trail bikes are solid, thick, and long and have chunky, plump tires.

The length and thick nature of dirt trail bikes help the rider have more aerial influence when jumping.

#3. Street 

Riding BMX in the streets requires a high skill level. Therefore, riders participate in this competition around urban areas and centers that serve as skateparks.

Street BMX bikes are usually very light and feature pegs. Pegs are useful for tricks like ledge grinds and flatland stunts. Also, these bikes have smoothed tires with little treads.

Riders grind handrails and stair sets and try to ride the bike on even concrete surfaces. One notorious feature of street BMX bikes is the absence of brakes.

Most riders remove the brakes for better aesthetics or to prevent entanglements with the brake when performing tricks.

What Are the Best ABD BMX Bikes?

So many good ADB BMX bikes are out there to satisfy your needs. Nevertheless, some bikes stand out and have built reputations over time.

Below are some of the best ABD MX bikes you can find.

#1. Verde Cadet

Verde Company designed this bike for skate parking. It has a 20-inch wheel and contemporary geometry. 

The unique low frame allows smaller riders to enjoy their time with the bike. Riders under five-foot are the perfect candidates for this bike. You can purchase this bike here.

#2. Taj Fairdale

This bike is one of the few out there without competition. Young adults and urban residents like it for its indestructibility, while middle-aged people enjoy its utility.

The Taj is available in 27-inch wheels. Premium materials produced this bike and made it almost fuss-free. The Taj Fairdale is suitable for most riders and is good for cruising.

However, it lacks aerial compatibility for riders over 6-foot-3 and below 5-foot-6. You can get this bike here.

#3. So Cal Flyer 24

The So Cal Flyer satisfies younger riders and those below 5 foot 4. 

This 24-inch wheel bike is a tough and elegant cruiser, perfect for skateparks; dirt jumps, and casual cycling.

The light aluminum frame features wide tail stays, a stiff fluvial tube, an internal headset, and others. You can get this bike here.

How Do You Know If a BMX Bike is Good?

The first step to identifying a good bike is to be intentional about what you want it for. Since BMX has various disciplines, you must choose a bike that suits your requirements.

You must make the following considerations when assessing a BMX bike.

#1. Frame 

Originally, BMX bike frames were very alike; however, with the emergence of various disciplines, one frame can differ from another.

Bike frames are important since they act as the skeleton to which other features are added. The frame also determines how heavy the bike can be.

Therefore, selecting a bike with a frame that can support your weight and is light enough for handling is important.

The table below shows the different metals for producing frames.

AluminumAluminum is good for racing bikes. It’s light but has a poor endurance rating.
ChromolyA metal alloy that is light and very durable. It is best for high-impact cycling as its highly durable. 
SteelSteel is the most used material as its endurance is very good. However, it is heavier than other materials.

#2. Bike Components

The bike components also need consideration and scrutiny. Again, of course, each part is important, but the collective components of a bike can determine how well the bike will perform.

The following are some of the bike’s most important components.

#1. Small Sprocket

Examine the small sprocket at the bike’s front. It should be around 25-30t. If the size exceeds that measurement, the bike will be hard to trick, weigh more, and is outdated.

#2. Brakes

Most BMX bikes lack brakes. At the least, getting one with a back brake is good if you’re just getting started.

#3. Rims

Twin-walled rims lined on the wheel’s exterior will serve you better than single-wall rims. They last longer and don’t depress easily, unlike single-wall rims.

#4. Sealed Bearings

Check if the bearings are sealed; otherwise, they can get loose after riding. Unsealed bearings mean your bike will require regular servicing to maintain smooth operation.

Inspect bearings at the anterior and hind hub, headset, and low bracket and make sure they remain sealed.

#5. Pegs 

You can find pegs in the form of steel tubes at the all-wheel axle’s end. If you want to use your bike for flatland cycling, the bike must have four knurled pegs.

For Freestyle BMX, you need pegs to grind on obstructions. It’s only dirt jumping that doesn’t require the use of pegs.

What Are the Best BMX Brands?

There are many good BMX brands out there. Some of these brands have been around since the beginning of Motocross, and they’ve been producing some of the best BMX bikes.

The following are examples of the best BMX brands.

#1. Haro Bikes

Haro is a brand that has been involved since the genesis of the BMX sport. They have even sponsored huge names like Dave Mirra in the sport. 

Haro produces various bikes, ranging from beginner level to professional level. These bikes are durable, and the brand also has great customer service.

#2. Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose came around in 1974 and has consistently produced BMX bikes. They offer good quality at affordable prices and have options for novices and semi-pro riders.

In addition, they have bikes that can perform at competitive levels. Finally, their bikes are durable for whatever kind of BMX riding you wish to use them for.

#3. Diamondback Bikes

This company is relatively new, but they’ve established themselves with high-quality BMX bikes. They have bikes for all levels; anyone can get one to serve their needs.

These bikes also promise durability and will last for a long time.

#4. Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn offers iconic BMX bikes for riders across every level. Their bikes are also cheap and available in many stores.

Schwinn also has great customer service, and riders whose bikes need repairs will have their needs met.

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