Can You Go Hiking With A Greyhound? (Answered)

Can You Go Hiking With A Greyhound

Engaging in physical activities and spending quality time with your dog helps to build a better long-term relationship with it.  

Dogs need to do exercises to help improve their health and help them stay fit. Are you wondering if your Greyhound can accompany you when you go hiking? 

Yes, you can go hiking with your Greyhound. Hiking with your Greyhound can help to strengthen its muscles and prevent joint problems. However, you must consider certain factors and follow some guidelines for successful hiking with your Greyhound. 

In this article, I’ll state instructions to follow when hiking with your Greyhound. You’ll also discover breeds of dogs suitable and unsuitable enough for hiking. 

Is It Okay To Bring Your Greyhound on A Hike?

Can You Go Hiking With A Greyhound

Yes, you can bring your Greyhound along with you when going hiking. Hiking with your dog can be a lot more beneficial than you think.

However, there are some things you have to take note of when hiking with your Greyhound. 

Here are certain things you must do and consider for a smooth hiking experience with your Greyhound:

#1. Short and Easier Hikes Before Longer and Difficult Ones

If you want to bring your Greyhound while hiking, you should always consider shorter hikes before longer ones. 

You should consider this, especially if your dog is not used to hiking yet. It’s like training the dog for long-term purposes.

Go on hikes of shorter distances first, then increase the distances gradually till your dog gets the hang of it. Also, choose non-challenging trails like developed trails to hike on.   

#2. Plan Ahead And Go Prepared

One thing you should never do is go on a hike with your dog without being prepared. Research the trail you wish to hike on and check if they allow hiking with dogs.

Go with your dog’s pooping bags if it needs to go, and don’t forget to always have its leash around it. Carry a sweater with you just in case it gets cold.

#3. Don’t Leave Snacks And Water Behind

Water is essential when going on hikes, especially when you have your dog with you. 

Of course, your dog will get thirsty along the way, and if you don’t have water with you, it’ll seek water along the trails. Allowing your dog to drink water from trails can be quite dangerous.

Dogs are susceptible to water-borne diseases such as giardia and leptospirosis. You need not worry about your dog falling ill if you carry enough water.

It would be best if you went along with snacks for your dog, such as jerky treats, dog biscuits, etcetera, and give them to your dog at different intervals.  

Snacks are essential to give you and your dog the energy to move further. Don’t forget to scratch your dog’s ear and tell it how good it’s doing.

#4. Stay Clear Of Heat

I’d advise you not to go on hikes with your dog when the weather is hot. Dogs are unable to cool themselves through sweating like humans. Instead, dogs pant to release heat. 

Panting can stress your dog. If you hike with your dog when it’s hot, get frequent breaks and feed the dog constantly with water.

Also, sunscreen for pets, like dog sunscreen spray, protects them from sunburn—targets exposed areas of the skin, such as the nose and ears.

#5. Take Note Of Your Dog’s Age And Health State

The older your dog is, the less agile. Old dogs find difficulty in seeing and climbing over objects. This difficulty could arise from their stiff joints and ailments such as arthritis. 

You can take your old dog on a hike, but you must be considerate. Carefully plan the hike to suit the dog. Pick smooth trails and ensure to take frequent breaks.

#6. Do An Health Check After the Hike

When you get home after a successful–or unsuccessful hike–make sure to do a health check on your dog. Run your hands on its skin to check for lumps.

Check your dog’s paws because it may likely have picked up foreign objects such as burrs, rocks, thistles, etcetera. Also, check for cracks and wounds on its paws.

Can Italian Greyhounds Go On A Hike?

Yes, Italian Greyhounds can go on hikes. However, I’d advise you not to take an Italian Greyhound on a hike.

These dogs are very agile and like to take on strenuous activities. Nevertheless, it would be best to restrict that energy to exercises like short walks.

If you insist on going on hikes with an Italian Greyhound, you should make it a short distance, and the trails should be non-challenging. 

Can Greyhounds Hike Long Distances?

Yes, some greyhounds can hike long distances, but not all can. Greyhounds are generally very energetic dogs and are always ready to go on adventures.

However, your Greyhound’s ability to hike long distances depends on various factors.

Some factors include energy level, zeal for exercising, personality, and state of health. 

To know if your Greyhound can hike long distances, you must observe its reactions to certain exercises. Also, monitor how quickly fatigue sets in when you hike for a certain distance.

If your Greyhound is in a bad state of health or is too old or young, avoid long-distance hikes.

Can You Bring Any Dog On A Hike?

No, you can’t bring just any dog on a hike. Some dogs don’t just have it in them to handle hikes.

Some dogs you shouldn’t take on hiking include English bulldogs, pugs, Pekingese, and mastiffs. These dogs have smooshed snout breeds. 

Dogs from smooshed snout breeds always have difficulty breathing and maintaining proper body temperatures when hiking.

Some dog breeds will do perfectly fine in certain temperatures, while others will not. Here is a list of short-haired or hairless dogs that cannot stand cold temperatures:

  • American hairless terrier
  • Chinese crested
  • Joining
  • Hairless khala
  • Argentine pila dog
  • Abyssinian sand terrier
  • Peruvian Inca orchid

Here is a list of long-haired and heavy-coated breeds that cannot stand hot temperatures:

  • Bolognese
  • Bearded Collie
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pekingese
  • Shih Tzu
  • Komondor
  • Afghan Hound

Here is a table to show the pros and cons of taking your dog on a hike:

Hiking increases the dog’s zeal for outdoor activitiesWounds like bites and scratches from other animals
It helps to improve the dog’s fitnessThere is a risk of your dog getting a heatstroke
Hiking helps to improve the bond between you and your dogStings from snakes or harmful insects 
Hiking helps your dog to build up life skillsRisk of your dog contracting water-borne diseases
Hiking helps your dog’s socialization skillsRisk of your dog contracting tick-borne diseases
Hiking helps to kill boredomVulnerable to diseases from toxic plants

One thing you should always do is research the trail you want to hike on with your dog. Make sure there are no rules against hiking with dogs on the trail.


Hiking is good for dogs because it is a form of exercise that will keep them fit. However, not all dogs are suitable for hiking.

Dogs like smooshed snout breeds can not handle hiking. You can go hiking with your greyhound dog, but you must follow some guidelines.

Some necessities for hiking with your dog are water, snacks, a leash, and pooping bags.

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