Can You Take An Electric Bike On A Train? (Let’s See)

Electric Bike on a Train

Most train commuters often ask if they can take their bikes on trains. Most forms of public transport allow you to take your e-bike with you, and the train is no exception.

Taking bikes, especially electric bikes, on a train is easy if the proper procedures are followed. Most trains have spaces designated for bikes to make the journey easy for the commuters.

You can take an electric bike on a train. Although the type of bikes permitted on trains vary, most electric bikes are allowed. In addition, fully folding bikes are permitted on all trains without any restrictions. After booking a bike space, you can lock your e-bike safely in the designated area. 

Can You Take a Bike on the Amtrak Train?

Electric Bike on a Train

You can take a bike on the Amtrak train. However, not all routes allow a bike on the train. The routes offering this type of service are northeast, west, east, and the mid-west.

However, a reservation is necessary to take a bike on the Amtrak train. Reservations are required on all the trains that accept bike services except the Sam Joaquins and the Capitol Corridor in California.

Also, you can box your bike to and from stations and their service includes check baggage. This can be an alternative if the bicycle space has been sold out.

It also makes it comfortable to change trains during your journey. This is because the baggage handlers will help move the box containing your box for you between two connecting trains.

This also makes your bike safe from thieves,

Moreover, folding bikes are permitted on the Amtrak train. Bikes folded under the dimensions allowed on the trains are permitted on all trains.

In general, most of these bikes have frame latches that allow the entire frame to be collapsed.

However, if the space available is very small or not sufficient, an Amtrak crew member will need to move your folding bicycle to the baggage car.

To take your bike on a train, there are some tips you should put in mind. These tips will show you what to expect if you plan to take a bike on a train. This will make you have a stress-free journey.

To start with, ensure you book a bike space. This is very important since most long-distance routes require booking.

You will not be allowed on the train with the bike without booking a space. Some train services even offer a free ticket for your bicycle reservation after you have booked your own space. 

Also, look out for the cycle symbol on the train doors. This symbol will show the door that has the cycle storage area.

These areas are places designated to keep your bikes. You can always try another carriage with the symbol if one carriage is full. You can also ask the train guard for directions.

Moreover, watch out for short platforms. Some trains have platforms shorter than the norm. This means that not all the train doors will open.

No need to panic; the train guard will provide an alternative carriage for your bike.

Can You Bring an E-bike on a Train?

You can bring an e-bike on a train. Electric bikes Ibs should be less than 50 Ibs and they will be checked on trains. Taking your bike with you on local and long-distance trains is not a problem.

If you have booked a ticket and realize later that your bicycle needs to come along, you need to reach out to modify your reservation.

It is equally important to note a few things in order to take your bike on the train. 

To start with, the e-bike batteries must be mounted at all times. Otherwise, these batteries will be grouped with dangerous goods by the train officials and need to be packaged separately.

The same applies to spare batteries that cannot be mounted on the bike. Mounting an e-bike on the brain needs proper preparation because you will not be allowed to charge your battery on the train.

Also, the weight of the bike should be considered. Bikes have different models weighing between 25 and 30kg.

16-inch wheels bikes are allowed on long-distance trains as part of the free luggage item.

However, it should be properly packed and stored in the designated luggage areas. This works for folding bicycles too. 

Moreover, Bikes should also not block any of the exits on the train. The passengers should be allowed to pass first before moving the bikes.

Ensure that your bike or e-bike is not blocking the door of the train or the way to the operator’s compartment.

Be on the lookout for pregnant passengers and passengers with disabilities to avoid hurting them with the bike.

How to Reserve a Bicycle on a Train?

To reserve a bicycle on a train, you need a bicycle ticket and reservation. You can also book to reserve your bicycle on trains after booking your ticket.

Ensure you contact the company if there is any modification to your request. You can book a bike through the following means:

  • In-person, if you are close to a staffed railway station
  • Using the company booking line through a phone
  • On the internet through the website of the company.

Is It Ok to Stay On Your Bicycle on a Train Platform?

It is not advisable to stay on your bicycle on a train platform. After entering a train, the bicycle is taken to the right platform.

Therefore, it cannot stay where people are sitting to avoid injury due to accidents and obstruction. 

You should fit the bicycle on the luggage rack on the plane. Bicycles are permitted within the passenger area only if they fit into the dedicated bike space on-board.

The fold-up bike is an exception to this rule. This is why it is essential to book bicycle space when going on a train a bicycle.

How Do You Secure a Bike on a Train?

To secure a bike on a train, use restraining belts to keep the bike in place and secured. It is essential to use this to avoid your bike tumbling over when it goes over a bumpy section on the track.

Tight curves on the train tracks can make the bike fall over, and restraining belts will keep them in place. Some trains also put some measures in place, like hanging your bicycle vertically from a hook. 

Though it is rare, bikes can be stolen on trains. Lacking your bicycle by inserting the U-lock or the cable lock is advisable.

This is done through the bike’s front wheel and pressing the notch on the lowered stabilization bar. This ensures the bike’s ultimate safety, especially when the owner sits on the train’s upper.

Also, you may need to get to the storage area earlier when you want to descend. This will give you enough time to unlock your bicycle and put it off the rack.

Once you are familiar with this after two attempts, you will know how to do it on time. 


You can take bikes on the train if you follow the necessary procedures. Taking your e-bikes with you on local and long-distance trains is also not a problem.

You may bring a fold-up electric bike on the train or bus since it is your luggage. Most of the time, the cycle policy depends on the train service and the operator.

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