Can You Negotiate With Camping World? (Read This First)

Can You Negotiate With Camping World

CampingWorld is your number-stop for getting all the camping RVs and supplies you’ll require for your camping trip. 

However, as a top dealer in camping RVs, your budget may not always match their sales price. 

As such, you’ll have to negotiate how to get what you want from their inventory. Negotiation is practically part of our daily activities seeing that business transaction is of life. 

But can you truly haggle with CampingWorld?

You can negotiate with CampingWorld on dealership prices for RVs and supplies. In addition, you can haggle sale prices for a 25 percent discount. The extent of negotiation with CampingWorld depends on your negotiation abilities

You’ll have to negotiate whether you want an RV for your next camping trip or camping supplies. 

This article contains tips you need to know while shopping with CampingWorld to get a reasonable price. Let’s get started!

Can You Negotiate Prices With Camping World?

Can You Negotiate With Camping World

Indeed, you can negotiate the sticker sale price of literally any inventory at any CampingWorld location. 

Buying RVs and camping supplies from CampingWorld is no different from buying a car from a dealership. 

So, like other dealerships in the market, there is always flexibility to the sticker prices of RVs and supplies. You can negotiate with CampingWorld for a better sale price that suits your budget

Always remember that every price you see on an item sticker is only a price recommendation. Price recommendation is one business strategy of most car dealerships.

Therefore, all sticker base sale prices are what dealers wish to charge for their vehicles and equipment. 

As a result, the actual price may be higher or almost always lower than the MSRP of the vehicle. 

As such, negotiation is possible for every item, equipment, car, or supplies you come across. 

However, there are several underlying factors to the negotiation process with most dealerships, even CampingWorld. Often, these factors tend to make the negotiation of sale prices difficult.

The forces of demand and supply in the market and your negotiation skill are the two major determining factors to the extent of negotiation. 

With excellent negotiation skills, you can get as much as 20-30 percent off the sale prices of CampingWorld stocks. The success of a negotiation is to the degree of your negotiation skills.

However, the dealership and the forces in the market have their roles to play, which tend to counteract your negotiation power. 

In summary, there are flexibilities to price sales in the market, even with CampingWorld. As a result, you can negotiate a price that is a win-win for both parties. 

How Much Less to Offer on an RV?

With excellent negotiation skills, you can negotiate up to 20 percent off the sale price of an RV from the dealership. 

However, two factors affect how much you can negotiate off the recommended RV sticker price. 

Firstly, the state of the RV affects how much you can negotiate, whether new or fairly used. Generally, you’ll get a better discount when getting a new RV than a used one.

Theoretically, you can get off as much as 35% less than the offer on a new RV from a dealership, with little or no hidden set-up/maintenance cost.

However, for a fairly used RV, the negotiable resale price, at best, will only be about 20 percent off the suggested price. 

It would be best to target around 20 percent discount for used RVs and 30 percent for new RVs while buying from an RV dealer. 

Any offer within this range is a good deal to customers from RV dealers. 

On the other hand, from whom you’re getting the RV also determines the negotiation price—whether from a dealer or a private owner. 

Generally, dealerships are much more stringent with negotiation prices than private owners. 

The case is as such because private owners are offering a used product; hence the negotiation is much more flexible. 

In other words, you can gun for much more discount prices off RVs from private owners. Proper and adequate research is vital to getting a good deal on RVs. 

Proper research lets you know the price tags of RVs in the market, affording you better deals.

How to Negotiate When Buying a New Camper?

The first step of effective negotiation is to prepare for the purchase. To negotiate a good deal for a new camper, you must first and foremost anticipate and prepare for the purchase. 

It is one thing to know what you want to purchase and another to negotiate a good deal for the product. 

Getting prices below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for a new camper can be challenging. 

However, getting a price that allows you to keep some cash in your pocket is possible. It all comes down to your negotiation. 

I’ll guide you on following through with an effective negotiation pattern that will undoubtedly get you the best price.

As mentioned earlier, the first step to good negotiation is to prepare for the purchase. As you already know, there’s no complete demand without purchasing power. 

With your financing/budget checked, you can conduct proper and thorough research on the camper model you’d prefer. 

Confidence is vital to every negotiation process, and preparation guarantees confidence.

As such, you need to do proper research and get your facts cleared before stepping into the parking lot of CampingWorld. 

Finally, you must know when to buy. Campers are seasonal in sales, which can be in or out of season. 

Due to the seasonal nature of new campers, dealers are more willing to negotiate at certain times of the year. 

For new campers, you should target the end of fall or April through June, when the season draws close. Hence, your negotiation skill will hold ground within this period. 

What Month Is Best to Buy an RV from Camping World?

The best month to buy an RV from the camping world is usually during late fall and winter. 

Winter months are the off seasons for camping trips and, as such, an off-season for the camping world. 

Therefore, the best time to gun for an RV or a motorhome is within this period since it’s also out-of-season. 

Knowing when to buy an RV from the camping world is one great tip for getting a good price offer. 

As you already know, motorhomes, RVs, and travel-traveling trailers are seasonal in their sales. 

As such, there are times when an RV will be in season and other times out of season. 

The peak seasons of RV for CampingWorld are typically within the spring and early summer, just as the temperature rises. 

Within the peak season of RV, CampingWorld is a lot less flexible with its pricing as other customers will quickly come by. 

However, during the off seasons for CampingWorld, they are constantly under pressure to clear stock and prepare for their following inventory. There, you have a better chance of negotiation. 

Tips to Note When Buying from Camping World

One thing to note about CampingWorld is that it is your one-stop when you intend to go camping. They deal with RVs, RV parts, servicing rigs, and camping supplies. 

Unlike many dealerships, you can get everything you need for your camping trip. Almost all CampingWorld locations have hundreds of different RVs in their inventory. 

Amazingly, they have both physical and online retail space to meet the demand of all and sundry. 

However, like other dealers, many customer reviews put a bad reputation on CampingWorld. One of the many complaints is with the condition of CampingWorld RVs.

Nevertheless, the resale condition of CampingWorld RVs is one pro tip you must consider. 

So, one of the pro tips to consider when buying from CampingWorld is that RVs and campers depreciate quickly. 

You’ll likely lose thousands of dollars after the first year since there are always other models with more fancy features by the next camping season. 

For further clarity on the tips when buying from CampingWorld, let’s compare the pros and cons of CampingWorld. 

Pros of CampingWorldCons of CampingWorld
CampingWorld is your one-stop for all your camping supplies.CampingWorld is overpriced.
Easily accessible within and outside large cities. You must sign up with Good Sam as a member to enjoy voucher discounts.
Insurance benefits for their members.Poor customer service.
CampingWorld is a lot more flexible with negotiations. Little or no warranties on RVs.
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