Can You Go Camping At Haven? (Must Know This)

Can You Go Camping at Haven

Most campgrounds at Haven are concerned with more than just renting out caravans; they also provide the ideal area for guests’ accommodations.

They have designated areas for sightseeing and camping conveniently close to the major amenities. So you might be keen on knowing if you can camp at Haven.

You can go camping at Haven. Even the most luxurious motorhomes can park at one of the various sites close to you; a seasoned tour crew is there to assist you at every turn to make your experience worthwhile. 

In this article, you will learn more about camping at Haven, so keep your eyes peeled as you read on!

Can I Camp at Haven?

Can You Go Camping at Haven

Yes, you can camp at Haven. With over a hundred attractions, free and for a fee, spread out over many parks, there’s always something fun to do with the family. 

Choose your destination park and make your reservation for your activities up to four weeks before your vacation begins. By doing this, you’ll be able to experience the best the beach offers. 

You can enjoy something every day of your stay, from the Seaside Squad in the morning to shows provided by most Haven in the evening. 

How Long Can You Camp on a Haven Site?

You can stay for up to sixty days in a row on a haven site without incurring any additional fees. 

Since most Haven parks are open for ten months out of the year, it is acceptable for you to stay for as little as a weekend or as long as a couple of months. 

Owning a vacation house gives you the legal right to spend as much time as you want at the beach with anybody you choose. 

Although the 60-day limit continues to be an obstacle for those individuals who want to make their vacation house their permanent residence all through the year. 

It is essential to check with the various park teams for information about their particular regulations. 

The desire to do this might be sparked by a passion for more financial independence to a desire for the stunning natural settings found at many caravan parks. 

Other factors include:

  • Reducing living expenses like rent, utilities, and taxes while paying down your mortgage and paying off interest gives you more money to spend. 
  • Reduced need for servicing and cleaning 
  • More comfortable to personalize to fit your individuality. 
  • Access to a warm and welcoming community that is home to other individuals with like-minded perspectives 
  • Access to breathtaking sites like beaches and mountains 
  • Features of superior quality that you would not have been able to purchase in a more conventional home 

The opportunity to always feel like you’re on vacation is quite normal; however, before settling on the choice to give up your house and move into a static caravan instead. 

You should ensure that you have done a sufficient amount of study on this subject. Living in a caravan might not be as liberating as the romantic picture associated with it. 

If you choose to reside in a static caravan, you should expect to pay the associated fees for using the site’s utilities.

There are a lot of additional considerations to take into account. For instance, you should consider whether or not the caravan provides sufficient room for your stuff. 

Other expenses include site fees, pitch fees, and transportation charges. 

Overall, purchasing and using a vacation house whenever you choose affords you far more independence than renting a static camper. 

Consider everything that has been discussed, and you should be able to choose a good investment that suits your family’s needs. 

Can You Pitch a Tent at Haven?

Yes, you can pitch in Haven, and the several parks there that cater to tourists will provide you with the highest quality camping experience possible. 

Various camping spots are available, and each can accommodate everything from the most basic tent to the most luxurious motorhome. 

Most parks also welcome trailer tents, providing enough space and outstanding access to power outlets.

The following is a list of other tents that are suitable for use in parks:

#1. Electric Pitch

Electric pitches can be built on gravel, grass, or concrete, including a connection for all your electrical needs. 

You can also set up your awning with certainty, and if you want even more room to yourself, choose an extra-large or hard-standing pitch. 

#2. Standard/Tent Pitch

These are the most common kind of camping sites of consistent quality and can be found at several touring and camping parks. 

They provide convenient parking for your car and a decent amount of room for you to stretch out and relax, making them ideal for campers and tourers.

#3. Euro-electric Pitch

The Euro electric pitches are equipped with connections to use electricity for all your home comforts. 

Your utility needs, including power, TV, water, and sewage, can be met by a single convenient turret. Parking will be fine here, especially if you drive a tourer or an RV.

#4. Super-electric Pitch

These spacious hard-standing bases, mounted on concrete, provide a lot of room for your tourer and offer plenty of room for tents. 

The convenience of having access to drinking water, an electrical hookup, and sewage disposal are all offered here.

What Are the Best Haven Touring Sites?

There are various Haven touring sites across different locations; however, below are the top three touring sites we recommend:

#1. Thornwick Bay, Flamborough

The beaches at Thornwick Bay have sandy and pebbly areas, so you can go rock pooling to check out the underwater creatures. 

The park’s spectacular setting allows visitors to explore the park’s old woods and cliff tops, both of which provide breathtaking ocean views.

Activities like archery and cycling coaching are just two of the many that can be found at their Activity Barn. 

You can also participate in table tennis and fencing activities or learn how to ride a segway.

Even when you’re away from your regular internet connection at home or the office, you may still use the internet for free in the main building.

#2. Rockley Park, Poole

Several activities are available, as well as a sizable pool both inside and outdoors. The outside pool area has a small Splash Zone and flume, while the indoor pool area has a heater.

You can use one of the four outdoor play spaces on the all-weather multi-sport court or wander the woods. 

And, for those who find it impossible to disconnect the device, complimentary guest WiFi is available in the main complex.

#3. Craig Tara, Ayr

Indoor swimming at Splashaway Bay in Craig Tara is an epic experience. There are several distinct aqua zones available rather than just one pool. 

The water slides are both multi-level and multi-lane. In addition, you can now drive down brand-new parks in inflated rings on tube slides, which opened this year.

And if you’re looking for something more peaceful, you may stroll along the rough coastline and beaches, play a game of golf, or test your skills on their adventure golf course.

#4. Haven Play Passes Price at Craig Tara

Age Range & Sizes3 or 4 Nights7 Nights
2 bedroom cap£163£250
3 bedroom cap£210£354

Can You Do a Day Pass at Haven?

Since a recent policy change, most havens no longer offer day passes to visitors not staying at the park.

This is done to guarantee that all amenities are accessible to both paying visitors and property owners.

It is best to avoid using these amenities since most Home Sales teams are quite busy throughout the holiday season.

Although some Havens are quite generous, you can purchase passes valid for three, four, or seven nights.

Purchasing one guarantees that you will have access to Haven’s amenities, which may include pools and entertainment options.

If you pre-book your activities at one of Haven’s resorts, your vacation will be jam-packed with things to do from the minute you set foot on the property.

You will get the following in addition to your vacation home:

  • Depending on the location, guests may have access to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, flumes, and slides.
  • Access to all shows and arcades, including daytime activities, entertainment, and performances at night.
  • The ability to make reservations in advance for all of the family’s free and paid activities.

You can also participate in climbing walls, bike lessons, fencing, handmade crafts, crazy golf, nature trails, arcades, mini sports, and bungee trampolines.

However, you must be aware that to participate in some events, you must make reservations in advance, as there will be an extra cost and limited spots available.

Without a Play Pass, What Are the Restrictions?

If you are unlucky enough not to get a play pass, booking directly with a private caravan owner means you will only have access to the caravan as a place to sleep.

However, you are still within a short driving distance to attractions off-site, and beaches are often within walking distance from the accommodations. 

It is a chance to go out and explore the surrounding region rather than make use of any of the primary amenities or the swimming pool that is located on the premises. 

Finally, during your vacation, you can take advantage of the resort’s restaurants, arcades, and outdoor play spaces and order takeout. 

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