What Make Is My Bike? (Here Is How To Know)

What Make is my Bike

It is preferable to contact the manufacturer of your bike for repairs and not local mechanics.

Some manufacturers offer a warranty, but before delivering on the warranty, they require their customers to submit specific bike details like serial number, model name, etc.

Bike manufacturers engrave the necessary information onto the metal under the bottom bracket, while others display theirs on a sticker and glue it to some notable places on the bike. Therefore, your bike’s make is captured in the information or written boldly on the bike frame.

How do I Find the Make and Model of my Bike?

What Make is my Bike

You can most likely find the make and model of your bike on a stamp on your bike.

Some manufacturers etch it to the metal surface on their product at notable places like the seat stay, crossbar, or top tube.

Finding your bike make or model might be difficult if the label no longer exists.

#1. How do I Know my Bike’s Make?

Your bike’s make, also known as bike brand, is your bicycle manufacturer. That said, your bike manufacturer will not want to hide its name, except it wants another manufacturer to go with its glory. 

Elliptigo, Barchetta, Bike Friday, Barns Cycle Company, and many other brands are obvious, so you may not need more information to identify your bike’s make if at all it’s of the above.

Contrarily, it becomes difficult for other rebranding manufacturers like Nishiki to identify the original brand unless the manufacturer reveals it to you.

Always ensure to check your bike properly to know your bike’s make. You can in no time identify the makes of newer bikes.

Some bike mechanics or users may know bike makes or brands, so they can also be of help even though they are not quite reliable.

#2. How do I Know my Bike’s Model?

Your bike’s model number(serial number) and make are the information required to identify your bike’s model.

It will not be difficult to know your bike’s model if you know your bike’s make and serial number. You can know your bike’s model by extracting the information from your serial number.

How do I Identify my Bike by Serial Number?

Every bike has a unique serial number engraved onto its frame for easy identification.

In most cases, the serial number which should have been unique is compromised, being used just for the sake of easy identification by the manufacturer.

Regardless, it would be best if you did not confuse probabilities for possibilities because identifying your bike by serial number has slim odds.

A serial number is a chain of numbers and alphabets that shows a particular bike’s production year and month.

It distinguishes a bike from another (bicycles produced by the same manufacturer) and is far less than a vehicle’s identification number VIN with which you can track your car.

#1. Serial Number Vs. VIN

The table below distinguishes a bike’s serial number from a vehicle identification number VIN, which is in most cases confused for the former.

It also highlights the slim odds of assuming a serial number as a bike’s identity

Serial NumberVehicle Identification Number (VIN)
It contains 6-10 alphanumeric characters.It contains 17 alphanumeric characters.
It doesn’t have any standardized designation method.It has a standardized designation method.
The manufacturer may use it for more than two bikes.The manufacturer can use it for more than a vehicle.
You cannot always look up to it to identify your bike.You can always consider it to identify your vehicle.

What Year Model is my Bike?

The model year of your bike is also a unique piece of information on a bike.

It’s a good starting point to know the production date of your bike because it will help you to use it in the consciousness of the age. If it is an old one, you know how to maintain it.

Cyclists should know the model year of a bike before purchasing it to avoid the risk of having to repair your thought-new bike more than supposed.

Apart from the general knowledge of bikes, knowing your bike’s model year may bring it back to you in case of loss. 

If all serial numbers were to provide specific information on a bike as their primary aim stands, then it should not be a thing of concern trying to find the model year of your bike.

You should easily tell the year of your bike if you can decode the serial number.

#1. Ways you can Find your Bicycle Model Year

There are many ways you can find your bicycle’s model year. But this article will explore a few credible ways of finding your model year.

After going through this section, you should be able to find the model year of your bike, not minding whether it’s a reputable racing bike or a bike from garage deals.

#1. Examine the Serial Number

The easiest way to find your bicycle’s model year is to check your bicycle’s serial number. The 6-10 digit alphanumeric incorporates the model year.

If all serial numbers were provided specific information on a bike as their primary aim, then it should not be a thing of concern trying to find the model year of your bike. 

You can grow past your fear that you might be dealing with an invalid serial number since there is no standard method of designating serial numbers.

Supposing you’re lucky to have a genuine serial number, you can find your bike’s model year.

After being the lucky one with a genuine serial number, another thing is cracking the code. 

You will not directly see the model year in the serial number, except you are a good decoder.

Nonetheless, online websites assist you in decoding a bike’s serial number (e.g., Vintage Trek), which is very reliable.

#2. Browse the Related Online or Offline Materials

Most bikes were at some point the trend, thus boosting a high level of the market and generating interest in diverse ways; therefore, you can always find online or offline literature about them.

It will be easier for newer bikes with their brands still written boldly on them. That’s not that old bikes with washed-off brand names or repainted frames won’t benefit from the platforms. 

Over the decades, My Ten Speeds has been a dedicated online page known for differentiating bikes.

At the same time, other pages like American Vintage Bicycles can offer information and images.

Interestingly, the Veteran Cycle Club is the best place to get your desired result about your worn-out or repainted bicycle.

Other ways you can find your bike’s model year include observing the specific parts of your bicycle, asking the seller or shop owner to put you through, and posting a photo of your bike online.

How do I Know what Make is my Bike Frame?

It’s easier to know the manufacturer of your bike’s frame manufacturer if the original brand has its stamp.

Whereas, if there’s no indication of any kind, and your product is rebranded, then you can consult a bike expert, enthusiast, or anybody who knows the concept.

You can also get clear shots of the bike, post on any online bike pages, and watch out for the results.


You must be able to tell the necessary information about your bicycle. Be it old and new.

It is not only beneficial to you in terms of a warranty but also serves as primary security for your bike.

Still, newer bikes have more advantages regarding the details of your bike than the old ones, which proves tough.

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