Which Hike To Hollywood Sign? (A Beginners Guide)

Which Hike to Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is one of Los Angeles’s iconic monuments. This structure attracts people at different times of the year.

Standing 45 feet tall and 350 feet long, the hike to this sign is one adventure you’d want to go on at least once in your lifetime.

However, choosing the best hike can take time and effort, as this sign has different trails that lead to it. To make things easier for you, here’s what you should know.

There are different hikes to the Hollywood sign. Griffith Observatory, Brush Canyon, and Burbank Peak are the most popular hikes to this monument. However, there are several other trails to the Hollywood sign, and the best hike for you will depend on your preference. 

This article will discuss the best hikes to the Hollywood sign and their distances. In addition, I’ll describe the most accessible hikes; at the end, you’d know whether these trails are steep.

What is the Best Hike for the Hollywood Sign?

Which Hike to Hollywood Sign

There are different hikes to reach the Hollywood sign. Unfortunately, this incredible structure stands on Mount Lee, and viewers can only stand some distance to view this sight.

Originally, Woodruff and Shoults put up the Hollywood sign that read “Hollywoodland” in 1923. And over the years, there have been repairs and iterations on this structure.

Since visitors can’t touch this sign, several mapped-out trails make the journey to this iconic sight a must-do activity.

From easy routes to accommodate non-hikers to challenging paths for experienced hikers, this journey offers the best of experience. 

Below, I’ll discuss the best hikes to the Hollywood sign to help you figure out the best trail for you:

#1. Burbank Peak Trail

The Burbank Peak trail is one of the most common paths to the Hollywood sign and a trail for experienced hikers.

This trail offers the most challenge and adventure for those who want one. The steep trail differs from the gravel roads that span the less challenging hikes.

Although this is the most challenging path, it’s also one of the shortest. And because of the rugged terrain, it only attracts a small crowd, which makes it more appealing.

In addition, the “Wisdom Tree” stands over this trail, offering more excitement. You can also bring your dog along on a leash.

#2. Griffith Observatory

The Griffith observatory is another very common and challenging hike to the Hollywood sign. However, this path’s side attraction is its beautiful scenic view.

Although it offers no shade with a very long distance, it’s well worth the effort for those who love more challenge and fun.

In addition, there are sketched-out trails and sitting areas for a bit of ease. Also, dogs are allowed on leashes.

#3. Brush Canyon Trail

The Brush Canyon trail is another hike to the great monument worth experiencing. This path is a bit challenging, with some rugged terrain to navigate.

The path follows the wide fire road, and a little bit of the last path is paved, with trees at strategic places for shade. So, it gets easier as you move closer to Mount Lee.

Also, this trail is the favorite of the Angelenos, so it gets pretty crowded, especially during the weekend. In addition, dogs are allowed to hike along.

#4. Innsdale Drive Trail

The Innsdale Drive trail is another beautiful trail to the Hollywood hike. It is a one-mile route that is a bit easy.

This drive cuts through the Mulholland Highway and offers eccentric views, including the Mulholland Dam, which is worth stopping at.

In addition, it’s an excellent picnic ground and a romantic date sight. However, dogs are not allowed here.

It becomes a bit challenging as you continue until Mount Lee Drive for a better view of the sign.

How Long of a Hike Is It to the Hollywood Sign?

The length of hiking to the Hollywood sign will depend on your route. Each route has its downfall and attraction, from the long and average to the shortest path. 

For instance, the Burbank Peak trail is one of the shortest trails with a 3 miles round-trip, but it’s also one of the most challenging.

Also, the FernDell Nature Preserve offers a 12-mile round trip. However, it’s one of the friendliest to inexperienced hikers.

In addition, the distance each person will cover will slightly differ, depending on each capability.

Below is a table comparing some of the hikes to the Hollywood sign, their estimated distance, covering time, and elevation gain.

Hollywood HikesDistance (Round Trip)Estimated TimeElevation Gain
Burbank Peak Trail3 miles3 hours875 feet
Griffith Observatory9 miles4–5 hours575 feet
Brush Canyon Trail6.4 miles3 hours1171 feet
Innsdale Drive Trail4.6 miles2–3 hours764 feet
FernDell Nature Preserve12 miles6 hours2247 feet

What Is the Easiest Hike to the Hollywood Sign?

The most accessible hikes to the Hollywood hike will depend on your choice. Some of the easiest trails have long distances, while some of the shortest trails offer very steep terrain.

 Nonetheless, I’ll discuss the most straightforward hike that non-experienced hikers can handle below.

#1. Innsdale Drive Trail

The Innsdale trail is one of the easiest. It has an approximate distance of 4.6 miles and a round trip of about 2 hours

Additionally, it offers excellent views as you hike through the Mulholland highway.

#2. Mulholland Highway Trail

Bypassing the Innsdale trail, the Mulholland highway trail is one of the easiest hikes to the Hollywood sign. There are paved and dirt roads that lead up to the Hollywood sign.

The estimated distance you’d cover for a round trip is 2 miles. You can also get a good view of the sign from the Mulholland highway without having to hike to the site.

In addition, this trail offers good scenery and sight for picnics and photos. A good parking lot is the Hollywood Reservoir near the gate on Weidlake Dr.

#3. Hollyridge Trail

The Hollyridge trail is the most accessible hike to the Hollywood sign, with an estimated distance of 3 miles and a round trip of 2 hours.

You’ll get an early view of the iconic sign on this path. Also, the trail ends in Cahuenga Peak, directly behind the “H,” where you can have a spectacular view of the city below.

However, due to the traffic of people, the authorities temporarily closed the park in 2017, with the Brush Canyon trail being the alternative route.

Is the Hike to the Hollywood sign Steep?

Whether the hike to the Hollywood sign is steep would depend on the route or trail you follow.

There are different hikes to the sign, with challenging and accessible terrains. The challenging terrains consist of steep roads and elevations that’d be difficult for non-hikers.

For example, the Burbank Peak trail is the most challenging, with two peaks to navigate before getting to the site.

Also, some trails offer steep and slightly paved and leveled roads, like the Brush Canyon trail.

Therefore, the path you follow to hike to the Hollywood sign will determine whether it’s steep.


Can You Touch the Hollywood Sign?

No, you can hike to a spot just behind the sign. But, unfortunately, you can’t get close enough, as there are cameras and authorities are nearby for arrest.

Can You Drive By the Hollywood Sign?

No, there’s no road beyond the sign. So, you can only drive and park your car at legalized parking lots. In addition, the leveled road to the sign is only a walkway for pedestrians.

What is the Best Spot to Take a Shot of the Hollywood Sign?

The best spot to take a picture would depend on the view you want to capture. You’ll need to get to the peak of Mount Lee to get a view from behind the sign and also capture Los Angeles below.

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