Can I Take My 6-Month-Old Camping? (Read This First)

Can I Take My 6-Month-Old Camping

Camping with a baby can be quite an adventure, especially if the baby is still very young. 

But the fact is, as soon as you have a baby, the sooner you start taking them to camp with you, the better. 

There is no “too little” when taking your baby to camp; although different ages come with challenges, we are here to help you overcome them. 

But before we begin, is it suitable to take your 6-month-old Camping? 

Yes, you can take your six-month-old Camping, as Camping with a baby is never too early. It is easier for you to camp with pre-crawlers; the main challenge you would be having here is keeping your baby cool or warm. 

In this article, we will guide you on how to camp with your six-month-old and the necessary things you should take with you to keep your baby warm and satisfied. Please stick with us. 

Can You Take a 6-Month-Old Camping?

Can I Take My 6-Month-Old Camping

Yes, no significant problems come with taking your 6-month-old Camping; all you need to do is get the basic baby stuff and follow these tips below to enhance your camping experience with a baby. 

Tips You Should Consider While Camping With a Baby 

#1. Be Realistic 

Having a baby doesn’t stop you from Camping, but you should also be careful, depending on the camp type.

For instance, if it’s a wild camping experience with little to no comfort, you should reconsider your choice of going if you have a baby. 

#2. Glamp as a Substitute 

Glamping is simply getting more luxurious facilities than traditional local camping facilities for your baby’s comfort

You should be aware that glamping does not make your experience less fun; you would provide yourself and the baby with more comfort. 

#3. Get a Tent Carpet 

Getting a tent carpet for your tent is fantastic, but since you would be with a baby, you would need it a lot more now. 

Not only does the tent carpet protect the floor of the camp, but it also provides extra insulation, which keeps your baby warm. 

#4. Get Warm Clothes 

Getting warmer clothing for nighttime is an essential need for you and the baby. In normal cases, the home keeps the baby warm, but in this case, the tent is not as insulated as the house.

Get your baby sweaters, hats, and even mittens if it gets very cold at night; you can layer the clothes on your baby’s body and remove them when needed. 

#5. Keep the Baby Cool and Hydrated 

Ensure that you keep your baby in an amiable environment and that they take a lot of liquids to keep them hydrated. 

You shouldn’t place your baby in a direct cold or cover them with a blanket so the air keeps circulating. Instead, keep your baby in a sun shade, not under the sun and not too cold, perfect. 

#6. Extra Cushions 

If you are still a new mum, you would want to take some extra cushions to protect the baby and help you lay down on it for a bit.

A fantastic alternative is an airbed, but it would be better if you get both. 

#7. Get  the Right Place for the Baby to Sleep 

A six-month-old baby is still very young, and you would not want to place him wherever the adults sleep, would you? 

That is why you should get a cot that can fit into the camping net with padded materials to support the baby’s fragile organs. 

How Do You Camp with a 6-Month-Old? 

Camping with your six-month-old is not a big deal once you’ve got the hang of it. 

There are seven tips you can use to go camping safely with your baby; 

  • Pack enough diapers for the trip, and even extra, just in case. 
  • The camp is not too far from the house. 
  • Feed your baby frequently. 
  • Make sure they sleep in a comfortable spot; their cribs are preferable. 
  • Keep them warm with enough layers of clothes. 
  • Don’t stay too long in the camp.
  • Make sure you do not skimp on the situation. 

What Should 6-Month-Old Sleep in While Camping? 

Babies do not require any unique beds or cots to sleep on when you go camping with them. However, if your baby sleeps in a cot or a crib at home, then bring it with you for your baby to sleep on. 

You should not think of Camping as something too different from your baby’s usual routine; you can continue with your baby as you did when you all were home. 

Wash their face, breastfeed them, read them a book, sing a lullaby, and so on. Just ensure that you keep your baby safe from harm’s way. 

Factors You Should Check Out to Enhance Your Baby’s Sleep in Camp 

There are some factors that you should do if you want to enhance your baby’s sleeping habits while at camp; 

#1. Get Comfortable Objects Around 

Remember to come with your baby’s favorite lovey to camp if they use toys around instead; also, come with this; it enhances their sleep. 

#2. Consider the Tent Size 

You should use a tent big enough for about six to eight people when you are with a baby; you would want more space, trust me. 

#3. Get Them into the Right Clothes 

You should rest your little one based on the weather condition. So, in cooler weather, you should get your babies into thick clothes and vice versa in hotter weather conditions. 

How Cold Is Too Cold to Camp With a Baby? 

Anything above 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for a baby to be outside. 

You don’t have to worry much about this because the threshold is set to keeping your baby warm. 

If you dress your baby in warm clothes, you wouldn’t have to restrict yourself from camping with your baby. 

Baby Gears That Can Help Keep Your Baby Warm in Cold

There are a variety of baby clothes you can use to keep your baby warm in the cold weather when you are out Camping; these gear are stated below; 

#1. A Warm Woolen Hat 

Most babies don’t have a lot of hair, so there is no extra hair to keep your baby warm at night, as hair sometimes acts as insulation. 

Ensure you get your baby a warm woolen hat to keep their head warm throughout the cold weather. 

#2. Woolen Gloves for Nighttime 

Ensure you get your baby small woolen gloves to keep their little hands safe throughout the cold. 

Ensure that these gloves are tight enough to maintain airflow while staying warm. 

#3. Woolen Socks 

Just like the gloves, get your baby a cute pair of woolen socks to keep them warm throughout. 

How to Tell If a Baby Is Too Cold at Night?

Your baby is most likely to be too cold if they show the following symptoms; 

  • Have blotchy or pale skin. 
  • Cold legs, arms, and cheeks when you touch them. 
  • Keep waking up frequently between midnight and sleep. 
  • Have reddened or flushed skin. 
  • Develop signs of heat rash because too much moisture can lead to prickly heat. 


Is It Ok to Take a Six-Month-Old Camping? 

Yes, it is; the sooner you introduce these kids to camp, the better. 

How Do I Prepare My Baby for Camping? 

Pack plenty of diapers and clothes for the weather, feed your baby frequently, get them into a comfy cot, and stay close to home, ensuring you don’t go too far. 

What Do Babies Sleep in While Camping? 

A crib or a pack-and-play. You can take it if your baby sleeps in a crib or at home. 

Is It Better for Babies to Sleep in a Cooler Room? 

Babies sleep better in cool places than in hotter ones. It is easier for these babies to lose body heat, so sleeping in more excellent areas balances it out.

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