Is It Okay To Store Mountain Bikes Vertically? (Must Know This)

Is It Okay to Store Mountain Bikes Vertically

Finding a good position to store your bike can be challenging since only some have a garage or a gear shed for storing items.

One needs to store a bike in a secure and accessible space. A space protected from external elements that could impact the bike’s lifespan.

Due to space constraints, people tend to utilize various storage techniques, such as storing bikes vertically. But is it okay to store a mountain bike vertically? 

Yes, it is okay to store mountain bikes vertically. Vertical storage is a good way to conserve space and, at the same time, utilize unused wall space. It would help to know that you can even vertically store bikes with hydraulic brakes. Although, the only problem will be with the bubbles created when the hydraulic lines move. However, one can easily resolve that by bleeding the brakes.

In this article, I will explain the circumstances that warrant the vertical storage of mountain bikes and other storage techniques.

By the end, you will fully understand the best methods and storage measures to promote the longevity of your mountain bike.

Should You Store Your Mountain Bike Vertically?

Is It Okay to Store Mountain Bikes Vertically

Yes, you can store your mountain bike vertically. For most people, one major issue when reserving a mountain bike is the lack of space.

Vertical storage helps you to economize the little space available.

You can accomplish vertical bike storage by fixing bike racks designed to hang a mountain bike uprightly on a wall or a freestanding cliff.

Storing your mountain bikes vertically is fine. And you can either use the front or back wheel.

Generally, vertical storage of your mountain bike is only possible if you do it correctly. 

Many worry about damage to some bike components, such as the rim or the hydraulic disc brake. However, you can rest assured that your bike is safe.

Things to Consider When Storing a Mountain Bike Vertically 

#1. Vertical Clearance

One of the first things to consider when strategically storing your mountain bike is the vertical elevation of your space. 

The total height needed will depend on various factors, such as the particular rack and the bike size.

The particular will also define the lifting clearance. Generally, you will install the stand at a height that allows you to lift the bike without hitting the roof.

#2. Mounting Surface 

It would help to verify the surface you will install the racks on. For example, vertical mountain bike storage works perfectly on concrete walls.

As such, you will have to know the drilling limit since many racks require an anchor latch for fastening.

Depending on the type of rack you plan to use, concrete block, steel, or metal surfaces all require different mounting hardware.

#3. Absence of Obstructions on Walls

Some methods require first mounting horizontal support on the wall before mounting the racks. You will need a completely free wall to use such a technique.

Single racks for walls where you can’t clear barriers are best.

#4. Ability to Lift Mountain Bikes 

You will have to lift your mountain bike for storage using the vertical storage technique. As such, it is unsuitable for people who will experience hardship lifting their bikes.

However, you can always call for help or utilize ground-mounted racks with erect staggering.

Although vertical bike storage has many options, the method has some drawbacks.

And the table below comprises the pros and cons of vertically storing your bikes.

Vertical storage takes up less space.Bikes stick out, which can cause accidents when someone bumps into them.
It is a great way to store your mountain bikes more efficiently.With limited space, vertical storage frames will become intrusive. 
Vertical storage fits most wheels and rims.Many kids will have difficulty hanging and unchanging bikes.

How Should Mountain Bikes Be Stored?

Figuring out the best ways to store your mountain bike can be a big challenge. However, depending on the available space, there are a few methods to choose from.

You have to choose a place secured from elements that could affect the components of your bike. 

For example, you don’t want to store your bike outside just leaning over the wall or left standing in the middle of nowhere.

Depending on the space you use for storage, be it a shed, a garage, your living room, or a bedroom, you can use different racks options to store your mountain bikes properly.

Here Are Some Storage Racks Options:

#1. Wall Mounts

Wall mounts come in various designs and allow you to store your bikes vertically through the wheels or horizontally via the top tube.

Wall mounts are perfect for people with limited space and range from a hook and tray to a simple hook and hinges. Regardless of which one you choose, wall mounts will serve you perfectly.

#2. Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts are another great rack storage option for your mountain bike. For people with multiple bikes, you can utilize ceiling mounts in your gear cabin or garage.

Consider the quality of the ceiling before using ceiling mounts. The major challenge will be the weight of your mountain bike and the distance of the roof from the floor.

#3. Floor Stands 

Floor stands are simple racks you can use to store your bikes when you have floor space. Floor stands come with vertical slats designed to hold a single mountain bike.

#4. Gravity Stands 

With gravity stands, you don’t have to drill your wall. Instead, gravity stands use the weight of your mountain bike to balance the set-up. 

Then, all you have to do is lean the gravity stand on a smooth portion of the wall.

#5. Hoist Bike Storage 

The hoist storage involves an efficient pulley structure that lifts and lowers your bikes. The hoist bike storage system is an alternative to the roof racks.

You can easily use the hoist bike storage option for high ceilings, especially when you can’t reach your mountain bike on the normal hook or ceiling mounts.

#6. Freestanding Racks 

Freestanding racks are perfect for areas where you can not install racks on the walls. The good thing is freestanding racks are easy to move and designed to hold two or more bikes.

Can Mountain Bikes Be Stored Upside Down?

Whether or not you can store your mountain bike upside down depends on the model and type of brakes on your bike.

It would help to know that you can store mountain bikes with rim brakes upside down without a problem. 

On the other hand, handling a mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes upside down causes a build-up of air bubbles inside the brake cables. 

Which causes squishy brakes and affects the performance of your bike.

However, bleeding your brakes will resolve the squishy brakes issue. You can either do it yourself or call for professional services.

How to Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brakes?

  • First, remove the rear wheel and access the brake pads. 
  • Depending on your brake type, remove the bolts holding the pads with an Allen wrench or pliers.
  • Install the bleed slab and modify the brake lever so it is level.
  • Line in the bleed horn and leave the plunger in after removing the bleed fitting bolt.
  • Position needle on bleeding nipple after filing with hydraulic mineral oil.
  • Remove the plunger and start pushing the fluid through the system.
  • Now, close the bleed fitting and remove the needle. You can eliminate the leftover bubbles by taking full sways and light flicks on the lever.
  • Restore the plunger and remove the horn.
  • Thoroughly clean the brake lever together with other components removing every single dirt.
  • Now reinstall the components.
  • You can repeat the technique for the front reel if need be.

Should a Mountain Bike Be Stored Off the Ground?

Yes, storing your mountain bike off the ground would be best, especially when it is long-term storage. 

Storing your bike off the ground will prevent the bike from becoming dirty, scratched, or being knocked over.

Your mountain bike tires are particularly vulnerable when you store your machine on the ground.

It would help to understand that your mountain bike can easily become damaged if left standing on the ground for a long time.

So when storing your bikes for a long, inflate the tires and utilize mountain bike racks to protect the tires off the ground.

Storing your bikes on the ground, especially on concrete surfaces, will cause the tires to lose air, resulting in dry rot.

Other Things to Consider When Storing Your Mountain Bike

  • Make you use bike covers for long-term bike storage.
  • You should select wall-mounted techniques for more space.
  • Make sure you choose the most convenient storage option for you.
  • Ensure to frequently clean and treat your bike for rust.
  • Always utilize a simple cleaning solution.
  • Ensure to place your mountain bike out of the sunlight and substances that can cause harm to your bike.
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