Can You Camp in Your Car At A Campground? (Explained)

Can You Camp in Your Car at a Campground

Car camping is a great way to experience nature while carrying your comfort everywhere. In recent times, car camping has become popular amongst campers.

However, this method of camping comes with its doubts. Most people know it is illegal to park a car in places and stay in it overnight.

Therefore, it is challenging to determine if it is acceptable at campgrounds. It would help to read to the end to clear your doubts.

You can camp in your car at a campground if you follow the correct procedure. Most sites will ask you to pay a fee and get a permit to camp on the grounds. Although, some campsites allow you to stay for free. Additionally, campgrounds enabling car camping will set specific rules you must follow for your benefit.

In this article, I will help you understand if you can camp at a campground in your car if it is safe to sleep at such sites, and what you need to camp in your vehicle.

By the end, you’ll also know if car camping is the same as glamping and if it is possible to car camp in National Parks.             

Can I Camp at a Campground in My Car?

Can You Camp in Your Car at a Campground

Yes, you can camp at a campground in your car. However, it depends on the site’s rules and regulations.

Some campgrounds allow camping in the car or van, while others would ask you to park your car in specific areas to avoid disturbing tent campers.

At the same time, some campgrounds will only allow you to park your car in designated areas, but you can’t stay in it overnight.

Most campgrounds that allow campers to stay in their cars require them to pay specific fees to get a permit.

The fee is usually affordable, and the permit is easy to get, so you shouldn’t worry about the additional cost on your budget.

Additionally, car camping laws vary in different states and cities. So, your campsite may only allow it if it is legal.

Therefore, it is advisable to always check the campground rules before planning to camp in your car. 

Is it Safe to Sleep in Your Car at a Campground?

It is safe to sleep in your car at a campground. Sleeping in your vehicle helps you to secure yourself and your valuables.

Unlike tents, cars have locks that you can secure when you are inside them. You don’t have to worry about bug bites or being attacked by wild and poisonous animals.

However, sleeping in your car isn’t completely safe because bears are powerful enough to tear the car doors open or break the windows. 

Strong odor, such as food aroma and scented candles, attracts bears, so keeping your food and other items in a bearproof locker or canister will be best.

In addition, it is warmer to sleep in your car because it has built-in insulation. The insulation makes it better to stay inside the vehicle during cold nights.

The vehicle also provides adequate protection from rain and snow. You can sleep in your car peacefully with locked doors and closed windows while the weather does its thing.

Nonetheless, it could be hazardous if you do not have adequate ventilation within the vehicle.

We all have different health conditions; for some people, staying inside a parked or moving car with the windows rolled up suffocates them.

Turning on the car’s AC doesn’t have much effect on this feeling. So, they always want to roll down the window for natural air circulation.

You can cover the windows with a bug netting if you must keep them open. 

Furthermore, sleeping in your car makes it easy to zoom off whenever possible. You don’t have to pack a tent and other things during an emergency.

Although, it is advisable to stay in a position that gives you easy access to the car door or driver’s seat to save time.

What Do I Need to Camp in My Car?

Camping in your car can be fun, but there are some essential items to make it easier. These items allow you to camp in your vehicle as long as you want.

First, you must have a campground permit to camp in your car. Campsites requiring a permit will ask you to pay a fee before issuing it.

In addition, you should always ask questions about the requirements to camp in your car at a free campsite.

Most campsites have rules regardless of their location. Ensure to follow these rules so they prevent you from expulsion.

That said, there are other things you need to camp in your car. These things include the following:

#1. Solar Powered Electricity Source

Charging your electronic devices is easy while the car is on. However, you cannot do so when you have to park overnight.

Portable solar-powered electrical sources come in handy at that point. You can put them on your dashboard all day to charge and use them at night to power your devices.

You can also use them to light up your surroundings at night. This method is cheaper and easy to maintain throughout your camping duration.

#2. Food and Proper Preservation

Food is one of the essential needs of man, and you need to pack enough food on a camping trip.

However, preserving these food items would require proper attention. You should always keep your food secured in the car.

You must keep perishable food like meat, eggs, cheese, and milk in a cooler to keep them from spoiling.

You can pre-chill the cooler with ice to keep the interior chill before storing food.

#3. Comfortable Mattress and Bedding

Car camping makes it easier to bring along a bed with as many pillows and blankets as you want. Always make sure to take a comfortable bed on your trip.

You should also make sure to pack insulated blankets so they can keep you warm when it gets cold.

#4. Headlamps or Lanterns 

Headlights and lanterns are essential for illuminating your surrounding or pathway at night. You can hang them from the car handles inside your vehicle.

You can also unhang them and carry them along if you need to take a walk at night. Solar-powered flashlights are also an alternative you have to consider.

#5. Showers and Toiletries

There are portable camp showers that you can put in your car. These showers have a tank to store water so you can refill it at various stops on the road.

Once enough water is in the tank, you can set up your shower in a secluded area.

Alternatively, you can use toiletries that do not require much water, like hand sanitizers and no-rinse shampoo.

Always take as many toiletries as you can when going car camping; it comes in handy to keep your hygiene up.

#6. Entertainment and Privacy

Staying outdoors for a long time can get boring, but enough entertainment will help you feel better. Feel free to take along a portable player with your favorite CDs.

You can also download content on your devices to entertain yourself in poor service areas.

In addition, you should hang curtains on your window to block the sunlight in the morning or get privacy from other campers.

#7. Financial and Medical Items

Take a lot of cash or credit cards because you may need to replenish your provisions or buy other things in roadside stores.

You also need a first-aid kit in case of emergencies. Make sure to pack essential medical items in the kit.

Is Car Camping Considered Glamping?

Car camping is not glamping; they both have different definitions and methodologies. Glamping is a more luxurious and comfortable form of camping.

Car camping involves packing your essentials in a car and driving it to a remote location to experience the surroundings naturally.

On the other hand, glamping involves the campground authorities setting up a framed shelter in a natural environment for campers to stay.

The shelter always has amenities like electricity, bathrooms, and refrigerators. Also, the location is usually a few miles away from attractions and restaurants.

Car camping and glamping have several differences that make people classify the latter as upscale camping.

The significant differences between car camping and glamping are in the table below.

Car CampingGlamping
Car campers sleep inside the vehicleGlampers sleep on a standard bed inside a shelter.
The woods serve as the restroom.Stalls serve as the restroom.
Car campers cook over an open fire.The campsite provides a cooking area.
Car campers may use portable showers or not bathe for daysGlampers have fully functional bathrooms.
Car campers store their items in the car.Glampers store their items in provided shelters.
Car campers get privacy by parking in secluded areas.The shelters give glampers adequate privacy.

Can You Camp in Your Car in National Parks?

You can camp in your car in national parks, but you must pay a fee. You may stay in the actual campground or obtain a backcountry permit.

The National Parks services allow campers to engage in front or backcountry camping.

Frontcountry camping involves staying on designated campsites at different locations in the park. These campsites usually have picnic tables, parking spaces, bathrooms, electric hook-ups, etc.

You must reserve a space and pay for your car to camp there. Meanwhile, backcountry camping involves camping in a forest.

However, it doesn’t involve sleeping in your car. You may have to get a backcountry permit to car camp on the grounds. 

The permit defines your reason for sleeping in your car overnight. The reasons may include rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, or canyoneering. 

Some parks may allow you to only car camp at a designated campground, while others may allow you to explore the habitat and camp anywhere.

At the same time, you have to follow certain rules when car camping at national parks. The park rules help the authorities to preserve the environment.

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