Can You Ride A Mountain Bike On A BMX Track? (Explained)

Can You Ride a Mountain Bike on a BMX Track

For some people, riding bikes is a leisure or exercise activity. 

Considering the category this activity falls under for you, it is best to use the best bike on the most suitable route to avoid accidents. 

Seeing that mountain bikes differ from BMX, you may wonder if you could drive them on the BMX track since they’re both bikes. 

Simply put, you can, but there are better options. While some people drive their mountain bikes on BMX tracks, it is unsafe and puts you at a higher risk of falling off or losing control. The most common issue people who ride their mountain bikes on BMX tracks face is their bikes breaking and losing parts. 

This article will run you through the essentials of having and maintaining a mountain bike, how to ride a mountain bike on BMX tracks, and the differences between a BMX and an MTB.

Can I Use a Mountain Bike on BMX Track?

Can You Ride a Mountain Bike on a BMX Track

Many people confirmed they had used their mountain bikes on BMX tracks several times. However, a good percentage of these people complain that it is not the best option for the bike. 

Also, children and young teenagers should not be allowed to indulge in this activity, as it requires way more attention than they may be able to give.

If you go ahead and ride your mountain bike on a BMX track, you risk breaking the bike. 

Note that the BMX was built to be indestructible hence, its ability to withhold all that pressure and rough action. 

On the other hand, a mountain bike is quite strong, but regardless, it needs to be more vital to withhold the activities the BMX was built for. 

It is empirical to remember that the mountain bike has more breakable parts than the BMX does. 

Can You Ride a Mountain Bike on a Pump Track?

Ideally, the BMX is more suitable for pump tracks. But your mountain bike or trail will do fine if you use it instead. 

Unlike the BMX tracks, the exciting thing about pump tracks is that they suit almost any bike category. 

Ranging from enduros to BMX, mountain bikes, or even bikes with more minor suspensions. 

You can quickly fix the pump track into your routine as a mountain biker. This is essential to build strength when ready to go mountain biking and to help create new fun skills. 

Some skills to practice on your mountain bike on a pump track include 

  • Super Threshold intervals. 
  • Threshold or sweet spot intervals. 
  • Neuromuscular intervals. 

You can learn how to go about these on this YouTube channel. 

To get better results when riding your mountain bike on a pump track:

  • Decrease your stem. 
  • Drop your bike seat so you have space to move. 
  • Ensure your tires are well filled up with air. 
  • Avoid locking it out. 

If you want to ride your mountain bike on a pump track, here are some tips to make the process easier and more comfortable.

  • Ensure you know how to ride the bike while standing. If you are unfamiliar with this riding position, you should learn it on flat ground first.
  • Position your bike on pump bumps for a good start.
  • Stand up from the saddle, push your elbows outward, and lean forward low.
  • Going towards the rollers, begin to release weight from the front of the bike.
  • Next, you hold swiftly to the crest while moving your weight to the middle.
  • Going forward, push down using your arms and use your legs into the dip.

The unique thing about pump tracks is that you feel the impact immediately after switching controls. So always focus and keep your eyes on the road while you ride.

Subsequently, you will adapt to riding on pump tracks. Note, however, that you need to be familiar with the gear change and suspensions on the mountain bike.

Mainly because, If you do not master these gears and you go ahead to ride on pump tracks, you will experience nasty and severe accidents. 

Furthermore, wearing fitting shoes or sneakers when riding on a pump track is a pro tip. 

That way, your feet stay in place while you ride, and you stand fewer chances of your feet missing the pedal.

Is a BMX Bike the Same as a Mountain Bike? 

BMX and mountain bikes are different kinds of bikes. Although both are durable, they’re cut out for separate occasions and kinds of people.

The most distinctive feature between the mountain bike and the BMX is that the mountain bikes have features like suspension and wide tires.

Meanwhile, the BMX bike is narrower, lighter, and has no suspension. 

While the mountain bike is created for off-road riding, the BMX was designed to go on smoother surfaces and trails. 

The table below further expatiates the differences between BMX and Mountain bikes respectfully.

Mountain Bikes BMX
Has more gears than BMX.They are faster than mountain bikes.
Most suitable for hiking off the road.They have specific tracks/ roads they’re better on.
It is usually bigger than BMX bikes.They are perfect for racing.

Is It Easier to Ride a BMX or Mountain Bike? 

Mountain bikes undeniably give a smoother experience when riding than a BMX, primarily because of the suspensions placed at the rear and front of the bike.

This way, when biking, you can negotiate around rugged terrains without abusing your knees, legs, ankles, hands, and other body parts.

Nevertheless, being easier to ride does not automatically give the mountain bike an upper hand over BMX.

Before you go ahead to purchase any of these bikes, read about them in depth. Including their maintenance and what you will need the bikes for. 

To help with this process, below are some pros and cons of the individual bikes.

Pros of Mountain BikesCons of Mountain Bikes
They have gears that facilitate varying grades.They are costlier to purchase compared to BMX.
It is more adaptable for learners and people who have switched bike types.Does not have the street credit children will love.
Enhanced comfortable riding.They weigh a ton when moving.
You have to take out a wheel when you want to move it.
The gears require attention and maintenance.

Below are some pros and cons of the BMX bike.

These bikes were created for fun activities.A BMX is not suitable for long-distance drives.
BMXs are portable.Many people find it uncomfortable as it was not created for in-saddle riding.
They do not weigh very much.The lack of gears makes changing or controlling speed difficult when going down a slope.
Requires little to no gear maintenance. 
They are very affordable.


Can You Ride a Mountain Bike On a Pump Track?

If you have a mountain bike, you can ride it on a pump track. The same goes for your trail.

Does Riding BMX Help With Mountain Biking?

BMX gives you experience and trains you to adapt quickly to any other bike type. You could equate it to learning to drive a manual car, so every other kind does not require lessons. 

Is it Easier to Ride a BMX or Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes are your go-to option for a flexible and easy-to-ride bike. The BMX is more complex and is mainly used by people who engage in bike stunts. 

Is a BMX Bike the Same as a Mountain Bike?

No, the BMX is made of more gears and is a heavier/more complex bike than mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are excellent for daily exercise and leisure bike riding.

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