Can You Drink Beer Camping? (Explained)

Can You Drink Beer Camping

Camping is a fun and fantastic way to connect with nature. It is normal to feel the urge to relax with some beer after a long day of trekking and hiking.

Generally, there are several restrictions against alcohol consumption in many places. The campground may seem like an ideal spot to enjoy a drink without worries.

But alcohol consumption rules could be effective in places you least expect. It is best to know if you can drink beer while camping.

You can drink beer while camping but must follow specific rules. Every campground has different rules, and most would likely restrict alcohol consumption to designated areas. Some may regulate the consumption volume. At the same time, some will completely prohibit alcohol consumption on the property. The rules depend on the campground authorities and state laws.

In this article, I will help you understand if you can drink beer while camping, how to consume it on the campgrounds, and if you can drink at the back of an RV.

By the end, you’ll also know if drinking in national parks is legal.

Can You Drink Beer While Camping?

Can You Drink Beer Camping

You can drink beer while camping, but it must be in moderate quantity. After all, the purpose of camping is to experience nature and not get drunk.

However, there may be rules and regulations about drinking on a campsite. The laws vary in different states and campgrounds.

Some campsites may have rules regarding drinking on the grounds. The rules may put a curfew on drinking or indicate the alcohol volume allowed for each person.

Some campgrounds may restrict drinking areas and indicate designated areas for drinking alcohol.

Sometimes, the campground may put a complete ban on alcohol consumption. Most family campgrounds prohibit any alcohol in public areas.

Therefore, you should inquire about alcohol rules before camping at any location. Avoid going against the rules to avoid getting fined or expelled from the site.

Some authorities may confiscate your beer and let you go with a warning. But, it would be best to avoid embarrassment and follow the rules.

The campgrounds set these rules to protect you, other campers, and the environment because getting drunk on a campsite can be pretty dangerous.

A drunk camper may accidentally start a fire, injure someone else, or wander off into restricted areas.        

How Do You Take Beer Camping?

Beer consumption while camping requires care because of the alcohol rules in different places. The first point is whether you can drink freely on the campground.

Then, inquire how much beer you can drink on site. If the campground allows alcohol consumption, drinking it within designated campsites would be best.

Sit around picnic tables and a fire pit in your campsite to drink beer. Avoid drinking too much so you don’t become drunk, loud, and annoying.

Getting drunk may make you exhibit behaviors that irritate other campers. You want to stay sober enough to relate with people and have fun.

Furthermore, avoid walking around the place with a beer, even when the campground authorities do not provide a designated drinking area.

You may stay inside the privacy of your RV or tent to avoid causing problems. Alternatively, You can conceal the beer in a different container.

You can use a non-glass insulated growler to conceal and keep your beer safe. The container cools the beer and helps to control trash.

Growlers are different sizes of large jugs for carrying two or more beer pints.

Using a growler to carry beer on a campsite helps to reduce the weight of carrying several packs or crates of beer.

You won’t have to worry about littering the place with empty beer containers.

In addition, it is essential to remember that the law is against underage drinking. It could get you expelled from the campground.

Can You Drink Beer in the Back of an RV?     

You can drink beer in the back of an RV, but you must follow some rules. The general rule is to avoid drinking while driving the RV.

Although an RV may be comfortable because it feels like home, the laws still consider it a vehicle. 

You could get arrested for DUI if you drive one under the influence of alcohol. You may get prosecuted under the state’s DUI laws.

You should also avoid leaving open beer containers in plain sight if you have to move to another location.

Most states in the US consider an open alcohol container in a moving RV as an illegal open container.

Ensure to drink moderately and finish any opened beer container before moving the vehicle.

It is best to store the alcohol in a cabinet or kitchen pantry if you can’t finish it. The authorities could arrest you for going against the law if they find one in your vehicle.

However, some states are more lenient and allow passengers to drink beer in the back of an RV.

The only exception is that the drink shouldn’t come close to the driver. There would be no excuse to save you if you got caught.

On the other hand, drinking in a parked RV is entirely legal. However, you have to park at a designated campsite.

The general rule doesn’t allow parking an RV on a street or parking lot to drink alcohol. 

Although, it is advisable to make inquiries about the state and campground to know if it is legal to drink alcohol in an RV while you are there.

The table below contains some states with specific rules about alcohol consumption in a moving RV.

StatesRV Alcohol Laws
Illinois and MichiganIllegal to have an open alcohol container in the vehicle.
Texas and MontanaLegal to drink alcohol only in the back of the vehicle.
MinnesotaIllegal for drivers or passengers to drink alcohol.
OhioIllegal to consume alcohol when moving or parked.    

Is It Legal to Drink in National Parks?

It is legal to drink in National parks if you are within your private campsite. The parks prohibit alcohol consumption in parking areas, trailheads, and pull-outs.

Alcohol consumption rules vary from park to park. Therefore, the park you visit will determine your ability to drink on the property.

The park rules would mostly dictate a designated area to drink alcoholic beverages. Most parks allow it only on campgrounds and other public areas except parking areas. 

This law also prohibits tailgating with alcohol from the back of your car or RV at the beginning of a trail.

National parks have alcohol consumption rules to protect the environment. These parks are popular sites to camp.

Littering the place with beer containers causes environmental degradation. Over time, the site loses its beauty, and the trash causes pollution.

Polluting the park makes people lose interest in visiting the site. At the same time, the parks don’t allow drinking in parking areas to prevent accidents.

A drunk driver in the parking area can hit someone or drive into an obstacle. The rules also protect families on campsites.

National park campsites are open to people of every age, and excessive alcohol consumption around others exposes them to danger.

Getting drunk on a campsite can embarrass you or behave in a manner that exposes children to the wrong things.

However, it is best to double-check there aren’t any rules against alcohol consumption in any national park where you are staying.

Getting clarification will help you avoid getting into trouble.

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