Can You Have A Gun While Camping in Florida? (Must Know This)

Can You Have a Gun While Camping in Florida

Due to the alarming rise in mass shootings, possessing and carrying a firearm has recently been the subject of much depart.

Although possessing and carrying a gun in Florida is a right, that does not automatically mean there are no constraints. 

Consequently, can you have a gun while camping in Florida?

Yes, in Florida, you can carry a gun while camping. You can carry both open and concealed, even without a permit. However, it would help to know that you are not permitted to bring a concealed weapon into any federal structures when camping in a National Park.

In this article, I will explain the laws governing carrying both open and concealed weapons in Florida.

By the end, you will know all the requirements for carrying weapons while camping. 

Is It Legal to Carry a Weapon When Camping in Florida?

Can You Have a Gun While Camping in Florida

It is legal to carry a weapon when camping in Florida. Generally, while it is illegal to carry a weapon, in Florida openly, you can openly carry a firearm when camping, fishing, or hunting

Knowing that when camping or legally hunting, an individual is permitted to carry their weapon openly and is not required to get permission to carry it hidden.

Although Florida Statute 790.25 permits both open and concealed carry when camping, this does not apply if you are otherwise forbidden from owning a handgun under Florida or federal law.

According to Florida Statute 790.25(3)(h), anybody legally allowed to own a gun may openly or covertly carry it when lawfully hunting, fishing, or camping.

When traveling to or from camping, fishing, or hunting excursion, you are permitted to carry, and you can also conceal carry if you have a CWFL.

It would help to know that there are certain restrictions even with the approval to carry weapons.

As such, if a facility forbids you from carrying a weapon inside, you can enter it en route to go hunting or fishing. 

Therefore, understanding your obligations and rights in public spaces is crucial.

Can You Conceal Carry While Camping in Florida?

You can conceal carry while camping in Florida. Apart from camping, concealed carry is generally acceptable for Florida citizens with a concealed weapon permit.  

Also, non-habitants with a valid concealed weapon warrant from a state that Florida acknowledges.

Holders of a Florida CWL are permitted to carry knives, electronic weapons, and handguns.

If you obtain a license, you can carry a concealed weapon or handgun in a state park.

It would help to know that when camping, fishing, or lawfully hunting, you are permitted to carry your licensed firearm if you do not have a concealed weapons permit.

If you are not fishing, camping, or legally hunting while at a state park and do not have a concealed weapons permit for your firearm, please lock it away in your car. 

You must note that it is forbidden for anybody to possess a firearm in the Savannas except for law enforcement or conservation officers.

You cannot use projectile-firing weapons or equipment on any state-managed path, boardwalk, or state park. 

As long as you have permission, you are authorized to own and carry the weapon covertly, but you must remember that you cannot use it on state-owned property.

Generally, check all the locations where you are permitted to carry a weapon whenever you have one, whether concealed or something you intend to carry in public.

Is It Okay to Have a Gun in Your RV While Camping in Florida?

You can have a gun in your RV while camping in Florida, provided you meet all the legal requirements.

When it comes to carrying a weapon, the regulations deeming holding a weapon are different for automobiles and homes.

An RV serves several purposes as a vehicle while you are in transit and home when you get to your destination and set up.

As such, the rules applying to an RV are different at both stages. During camping, your RV serves as a home.

Even without a CWFL, a person can openly or covertly carry a handgun inside their house in Florida. 

Therefore, you are not required to keep your weapon concealed once you get to the camping ground and start using your RV as a home. 

However, there are exceptions to how you carry your weapons outside your RV while camping.

You should never forget that you might be charged with crimes involving guns if you break the restrictions. 

However, there is nothing wrong with carrying your firearm safely as long as you have the required permissions and are not using it in an area that is against the law.

It is essential to always put your safety first when camping, which is why people need weapons.

Although there are various benefits to having firearms when camping, there are also risks that come with it.

The table below contains some of the benefits and risks of taking firearms for camping.

Benefits Risks 
Firearms are essential for stopping threats.Improper usage can cause injury.
Firearms provide a sense of security.Firearms can attract unwanted attention from other campers.
Carrying firearms helps create gun safety awareness.Firearms require adequate training and licensing.  

Can You Carry a Weapon While Beach Camping in Florida?

While beach camping in Florida, you can carry a weapon. However, it depends on whether it is a private or public beach.

The law permits one to carry a weapon while on a public beach; however, when you find yourself on a private beach, the restrictions are based on the laws set by the beach owner.

As such, if your plans require you to enter private property, even to get to the beach, look for any signs that forbid carrying a gun and find another way.

Also, wearing a bathing suit or bikini will be challenging, as the case may be when you have to conceal carry. However, you can always find a way around it.

Also, depending on the purpose of being on the beach, you must be careful not to get drunk, as the rules can change once you are drunk and mistakenly fire your loaded gun.

Generally, it is not illegal to possess a weapon while drunk in Florida. However, Florida considers it unlawful to have a handgun nearby and ready for use when intoxicated.

As such, it will be safer to avoid creating a scene while you are drunk.

It would help to know that there are certain places you can’t take a weapon even when licensed; as such, you must note such places to avoid getting into trouble.

Here is a list of restricted places for carrying weapons, regardless of whether or not you are licensed.

  • Any custody building or jail.
  • You can not take a weapon to any congress or legislative council convention.
  •  You can’t take firearms to places like primary or secondary college buildings.
  • Any institute, university, or trained athletic tournament does not pertain to firearms.
  • Any convention of the regulating body of a county or community institute is out of bounds.
  • Any polling place.


Can You Travel with Firearms in Your RV?

You can travel with firearms in your RV. It would help to know that you can even travel to other states with firearms in your RV, provided you are licensed and the rules of the other state permit.

At What Age Can You Conceal Carry in Florida?

You must be 21 or older to be qualified for a Florida concealed weapon or firearm license. Also, you must show that you are proficient with a gun.

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