Can I Carry A Gun While Hiking in Washington?

Can I Carry a Gun While Hiking In Washington

Over time, hikers have been asking questions regarding the possession of guns or firearms when going on hiking.

However, due to killings in Washington and the risks hikers face during hiking, there is a need to possess a firearm or other weapons for self-defense.

Even if it seems essential, the question remains if it is legal to carry a gun even if it is openly concealed when going on a hike.

Carrying a gun or firearms for hiking is legal in Washington as long as you have the permit and license to carry such weapons. However, even though carrying a gun is legal, carrying it openly in places like schools, government officials gathering, churches, playgrounds, and parks are illegal. You would be punished if found with a gun in such areas.

Can You Carry a Gun While Hiking In Washington?

Can I Carry a Gun While Hiking In Washington

You can carry a gun while hiking for your safety and self-defense. In addition, you can use it to defend yourself in the case of any predator.

Nevertheless, you must get a license or permit for any arms in your possession. To avoid arrest if you’re found with an arm.

Though some hikers don’t necessarily see the use of guns while going to the forest, they take food, water, sweaters, and tents and mostly take knives instead of guns.

Most hikers do not take guns along because of the danger attached to them. Guns can serve as an extra load because it is heavy.

Also, it can harm someone if the trigger is accidentally pulled, which becomes an offense.

So people who wish to carry guns for hiking should receive proper training on handling them.

If guns seem too heavy, it is better to carry something you can easily use. And also, if you did not receive proper training on using guns, using them might be a risk factor.

It is also improper for kids or younger children not up to the legal age of possessing alms to be given these items during hiking.

It might be difficult for them to handle and be mistakenly shot, which can harm the child or you if it was unintentionally pointed at you.

So if kids are going along with you, it is preferable if you don’t take things that threaten these children. Or if taken, it should be supervised and away from the children.

Can You Open Carry In National Parks In Washington?

Carrying guns in national parks is legal, but carrying them to the visitor’s session, offices, maintenance facilities, buildings for collection of fees, and other park buildings is prohibited.

For open carry, you must be 18 years or older and have a license or permit to possess firearms from any recognized state or agency. It also has limitations.

For concealed carry, you must be 21 years old or above and have the Concealed Carry Warrant (CCW) to carry a gun concealed. It doesn’t need a permit.

But it becomes illegal when the gun is used for illegal activities like robbery, fear, or pain or injury to a person’s body.

Also, using a gun to destroy any federal buildings in the park, animals, or any other significant object without permission is considered illegal.

Even carrying unloaded guns to prohibited locations for arms is also an offense that is punishable by the law.

For transportation of firearms, you must have a Concealed Carry Warrant (CCW) and a driver’s license to transport firearms from one place to another.

Although unlawful dealing, transportation, or firearms sales in any location or state, even in parks for terrorism or illicit actions, are also an offense.

Underage possession of guns or other dangerous materials like bombs in parks or closed parks is considered a criminal act, and the individual will face punishment.

Concealed Carry is not advisable in parks as you might be misunderstood, so open carry is legal and appropriate only if used accordingly and appropriately.

So if you want to use a gun or appropriately have it, it is a must to have your user’s license and permit to avoid arrest.

Should You Bring a Gun While Hiking In Washington?

Carrying a gun for hiking is based on a personal choice once all the legal requirements for having one are made.

Some hikers take only a knife when hiking, some take only guns, while others take both guns and knives.

Taking a gun or knife does not guarantee your safety unless you know how to use these items well.

It is essential to go for physical training on how to use guns if you intend to carry them along for hiking. Make sure you can use it very well. It is good to carry items and materials that will be important and useful to you.

Some of these that can be carried for hiking are;

  • Hiking backpack so that you can put other materials or items in it.
  • Thick clothes that are essential for the weather ( if the place’s weather for hiking is not cold, you can also take light clothes).
  • Plenty of food for your feeding on the journey.
  • Plenty of water, in case you get thirsty on the way.
  • Boots or shoes, thick shoes or boots suitable for hiking.
  • Navigation tools, tools such as maps and compass are needed.
  • First aid kit, in the case of an illness or injury.
  • Tools such as knives, guns, or other tools used for protection or other purposes.
  • Tents, in case you’ll want to pass the night on your journey.

Hiking alone isn’t advisable because of the dangers on your way or even in the case of sudden illness or injury.

Ensure to carry plenty of food and water when going on a hike to avoid dying of hunger or even getting too thirsty and hungry.

Taking appropriate clothes for the weather is also essential, it might be freezing there, and if you don’t take thick clothes and shoes, you might freeze to death.

What Kind of Gun Should I Take Hiking In Washington?

Although guns are legal when going hiking, some are illegal and have a criminal offense if caught with them on a hike.

Carrying silencers, riffles, or snipers is not advisable during hiking, but if there is a need to, it should be under the supervision of a law agency.

Due to the heavy nature of firearms, hikers are not advised to carry them. It is because it will become a burden to carry for the hiker.

Also, carrying a firearm will make you a threat to someone else who sees you, which might lead to a shooting.

Only open carry is permitted in parks, and no open fire or shooting shall occur unless in critical conditions when shooting is required.

In some places carrying weapons or guns is prohibited unless security agents or agencies. Places like;

  • Prisons, detention facilities, or jails ( only security agents are permitted to do so)
  • Courtyard or courtroom ( the judge has the right to possess one in his courtroom)
  • Law enforcement offices or buildings ( only law officers or agents are allowed to do so)
  • A polling unit or place ( security agents are permitted to possess arms)
  • A political meeting of government authorities ( only security officers are permitted to)

If you are found with guns or any other dangerous materials in these places, you’ll be arrested and taken in for questioning.

Some abbreviations associated with the legal possession of guns

OCOpen Carry
CCConcealed Carry
CCWConcealed Carry Warrant


If you’re to possess a gun, ensure you have a license or permit to carry such a weapon. And you must be of 18 years and above before you can receive a permit.

If you’re to carry it concealed, you must have the Concealed Carry Warrant CCW and must be of 21 years and above.

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